Best Caulk for Kitchen Sink : Top 7 Picks & Reviews 2022

Sealing the rim of the sink is necessary in order to prevent water from leaking. Caulk can prevent mildew growth in your kitchen, which can ruin its appearance and cause health issues.

A good way to do this is to caulk the kitchen sink rim. The caulk repels moisture, which forms on the sink surface. This helps keep your countertops dry and is also resistant to mildew.

If you use the best caulk for kitchen sink, you will get a better and durable seal and a cleaner finish compared to other products. But finding the proper caulk is not easy.

Therefore, we will provide you with kitchen sink reviews to buy the top-rated caulk. So keep reading to find out more.



Editor's Rating


‎Gorilla Silicone Caulk For Kitchen Sink

5 out of 5

GE Advanced Silicone 2 Kitchen & Bath Sealant Caulk

5 out of 5

GE Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Caulk

4.5 out of 5

Red Devil Kitchen Bath Caulk

4 out of 5

Dap Kwik Seal Kitchen And Bath Adhesive Caulk

4.5 out of 5

Top 7 Reviews on The Best Caulk For Kitchen Sink

When it comes to the kitchen sink, the most important thing is to make sure that you have a good seal around your drain. No matter how well you take care of other parts of your kitchen, if there's a leak in the pipes underneath the sink, it can cause water damage and other problems.

You don't want to find out there's a problem after an accident or flooding! That’s why following these 7 reviews on top caulk for kitchen sink will help you choose the right product for your home.

1. ‎Gorilla Silicone Caulk for Kitchen Sink

If you're looking for a quality silicone sealant that will provide a watertight seal, this Gorilla Silicone Caulk is perfect for the job! It is a tough and clear silicone-based caulk.

You can expose the water in 30 minutes, so the job can be done quickly, and it will not yellow, shrink or crack. Plus, ‎Gorilla Silicone Caulk For Kitchen Sink can be applied both outdoors and indoors, making it perfect for any project.

The material has been designed to be easy to apply with a caulk gun. It cures into a flexible, durable seal that is resistant to most household chemicals. The silicone caulk is also resistant to mold and mildew.

In addition to being used in the kitchen for repairs around kitchen sinks and other fixtures, it can also be used in bathroom areas for repairs around bathtubs and showers. You can use it in marine plumbing, autos, doors, and windows.

The sealant is easy to wipe off with a dry cloth, and if any residue is left behind, you can simply use isopropyl alcohol according to the solvent manufacturer's instructions.

All in all, it's the best caulk for kitchen sink repair or installation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tough and clear silicone sealant

  • Can expose the water after 30 minutes

  • Will not yellow, shrink, or crack

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

  • Easy to apply with a caulk gun

  • Cures into a flexible, durable seal

2. GE Advanced Silicone 2 Kitchen & Bath Sealant Caulk

If you are looking for silicone for a durable long-term waterproof seal, look no further than Silicone 2 Kitchen & Bath Sealant.

It is a 100% silicone sealant that protects against water damage. The GE sealant is reliable in areas that are exposed to water consistently, making it perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Additionally, this sealant caulk does not allow any stains to form, making it a great choice for those who want a hassle-free maintenance experience.

It can be used to seal seams and joints and fill gaps and cover tiles. The manufacturer states this product has higher flexibility and adhesion.

You can use GE Advanced Silicone 2 Kitchen & Bath Sealant Caulk for water-intended areas to protect from fungus growth within 30 minutes of placement. Its durable formula is resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, will not discolor metal finishes, and shrinks to fill gaps.

This caulking is designed to be applied in areas where the finish will not be painted. It cures with a low odor, making it a great choice for those who are sensitive to smells.

You can use it around sinks, tubs, and countertops. It's easy to apply and cures quickly, making it a great choice for busy homeowners. The almond color is perfect for matching nearly any decor.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable waterproof silicone seal

  • Prevents stains from forming

  • Protects from fungus growth within 30 minutes of placement

  • Can be used to seal seams and joints, fill gaps, and cover tiles

  • Resists extreme temperature fluctuations

  • Will not discolor metal finishes

3. GE Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Caulk

Silicone caulks are useful for plumbers, builders, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers alike. They provide an alternative to traditional caulking materials like latex. Silicone caulks also act as a weather resistant sealant when applied properly.

GE supreme silicone kitchen and bath caulk does not stain or peel as most other silicone caulks on the market. It is a great product to use if you are looking for mold-free protection.

These caulk tubes are easier to work with than standard caulking materials because they can be squeezed directly in line for installing corners and seams without needing separate tube cutting tools.

This GE silicone caulk can be used in exterior, interior, and even structural applications, including repiping. It can be applied in as little as 30 minutes and will be resistant to cracking or shrinkage even after water exposure.

It is 100% silicone, which makes it a durable build. It also cures quickly and can withstand water an hour after application. However, you can't paint this Ge sealant.

This GE Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Caulk is suitable for most ceramic tile, laminate, glass, metal, plastic/fiberglass, and granite. It can be used to protect showers, tubs, sinks, tile, fixtures, and countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Additionally, it can be used in various other plumbing applications. It is an American-made product that is safe to use with all of the materials that are mentioned above. Furthermore, it's white in the color scheme.

Highlighted Features:

  • Acts as a weather resistant sealant

  • Doesn't peel so durable

  • Mold resistant and won't stain your sinks

  • Can be applied in as little as 30 minutes

  • Resistant to cracking or shrinkage

4. Red Devil Kitchen Bath Caulk

If you're looking for a durable sealant, the kitchen bath caulk by Red Devil is a great option. It won't crack, shrink or peel, so you can be sure that your surfaces are properly sealed. 

This Red Devil 0820 Silicone Sealant is an architectural grade product so perfect for your home improvement projects. It is available in a 10.1 cartridge or 2.8 oz tube.

You can use it for caulking and sealing around kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The white and clear colors are versatile and will match any decor, while the bronze, gray and black colors add a touch of elegance.

This kitchen and bathroom caulk is perfect for anyone who wants to do a quick, easy job. It can be applied at temperatures below freezing, and it's solvent-cleanup, so it's easy to get rid of any mistakes.

Moreover, the Red Devil Kitchen Bath Caulk comes with all the painting supplies you need, so you're ready to go right out of the box!

5. Dap Kwik Seal Kitchen and Bath Adhesive Caulk

If you need a caulk that dries within a short period of time, this is an excellent choice. As it sets in 10 minutes, you don't have to worry about time if you are busy.

The Dap Kwik Seal Kitchen And Bath Adhesive Caulk is a paintable, all-purpose caulk that is easy to apply and provides a long-lasting seal. This product is available in white, making it an ideal option for caulking around tubs, and other fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen.

It is an acrylic latex caulk and comes with a 5.5 oz tube, which is the standard size for caulks of this type. You can apply it to protect appliances, tiles, joints, and more.

With a flash point of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit and a temperature range from -20 degrees to 150 degrees, it can survive almost any environment.

It bonds like glue, seals like a caulk. It has an application temperature range from 40 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The VOC for this product is 32.7g/L.

With its water resistance, it prevents mold and mildew from growing. This is a latex-based sealant that has a low smell. It can be used indoors and removed from almost any surface by wiping it away with water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Acrylic latex based and dries in 10 minutes

  • All purpose paintable caulk for easy application

  • Available in white, perfect for the bathroom and kitchen

  • Supports 200° Fahrenheit flashpoint

  • Supports from -20° to 150° temperature

  • Application temperature ranges from 40° to 100° F

6. Momentive Performance Waterproof Caulk for Sink

When it comes to home repairs and maintenance, there's nothing more frustrating than having to wait a long time for something to dry. Whether you're painting a room or fixing a leaky faucet, you need to be able to use the facilities as soon as possible.

That's why this caulk from Momentive Performance is such a lifesaver. It dries in just three hours, so you can get back to your regular routine in no time.

This silicone-based product dries quickly and can be used around sinks, bathtubs, and other areas that come into contact with water. It's also a good choice for those looking for a durable seal.

Mold can lead to health problems and be embarrassing. It's resistant to mold and mildew, making it a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

It is a 100% silicone caulk that is designed for increased protection against water damage. This makes GE Silicone II an ideal choice for caulking around sinks, where exposure to water is common.

The Momentive Performance Waterproof Caulk For Sink is a flexible, shrink-proof, and crack-proof silicone caulk that is made in the USA. The product is popular with contractors that install plumbing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Silicone based caulk dries in 3 hours

  • Durable seal for sinks and bathtubs

  • Mold and mildew resistant

  • Flexible, shrink-proof, and crack-proof silicone caulk

7. Clear Caulk Kitchen Sink

If you're looking for a low-odor kitchen sink sealant, this caulk is the perfect choice for you. It is crack-proof so you can use it in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Clear Caulk Kitchen Sink is an adhesive caulk with antimicrobial protection. This product creates a watertight seal that fights the growth of stain-causing bacteria, mildew, and mold on the caulk.

It is a silicone-based sealant that is designed to fill and seal the gaps between the sink and the countertop. The sealant is paintable when dry and easy water clean-up.

This sealant is designed to keep your kitchen sink looking beautiful and functioning perfectly for a long time.

This 5.5-ounce tube is perfect for fixing up any cracks or gaps in your sink, and it dries quickly and easily so you can get back to washing quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • An adhesive caulk with antimicrobial protection

  • Fights the growth of stain-causing bacteria, and mildew

  • Silicone-based caulk is crack-proof

  • Fills and seals gaps between sink and countertop

  • Keeps the new sink beautiful and functioning perfectly

  • Easy water clean-up

This list of the top 7 best caulk for kitchen sink has helped you choose the suitable one. Now, you can use it to fix any issues with your sink or your cabinets without worrying about mold growth.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Caulk for Kitchen Sink

Apply caulk to your kitchen sink

Caulk is a substance that you use to seal the cracks and gaps of your kitchen sink. It comes in all different sizes, shapes, and colors, so choosing which one will work foremost for you can be difficult.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing caulk for kitchen sinks:

Caulk Types:

There are two types of caulk materials: silicone and acrylic latex. Silicone is ideal for water-heavy areas because it lasts longer. If you dislike silicone, then you can use siliconized acrylic.

Acrylic latex is more flexible and can more easily withstand a lot of movement. If you want to use the best caulk for the kitchen sink, then you should go with silicone.


Many caulk manufacturers make different colors for their caulk to match your kitchen sink. Make sure you choose a color that will blend into the rest of your kitchen, but also one that is not too bright or distracting from your sink's beauty.

For example, some caulk is clear so you cannot see it at all after use, while others are colored or white. If the caulk is visible, you should use colored or white caulk so it blends in with your bathroom or kitchen.


Caulk comes in many different sizes for you to choose from, depending on how big or small your sink is. If you want to use the best caulk for the kitchen sink, make sure you choose one of the various sizes so it will fit any of your smallest or largest gaps.


The best caulk for the kitchen sink will not yellow over time. This is because it does not contain harmful chemicals that can cause it to change color and become unusable after a long period of time.


The smell of an undermount sink

If you have a sensitive nose, then you should look for a low-smelling caulk. High-odor caulk can be very unpleasant and cause headaches. The best caulk has a low smell to avoid those problems.

Paintable or Non-Paintable:

Some caulks can be painted over after they are set, while others cannot. If you want a well-matching caulk for the kitchen sink, a paintable caulk is ideal for you because it allows you to blend the best caulk into your current color scheme easily.


Of course, you want a caulk that can provide a watertight seal. Without this feature, you will have to deal with leaks that can form over time. The best caulk for the kitchen sink is waterproof, so it stays strong to protect your kitchen cabinets. If you use a water-resistant caulk, it will only hold up well when there is no pressure on the product.

Application Time:

Caulk has a specific application time that depends on the product you purchase. Some caulk dries in under a few minutes while others take hours.

It's important to research your preferred caulk's application time ahead of time, so you're not caught off guard when it comes time to use the product. The best caulk should be dried and ready for use as soon as possible.

Application Temperature:

High quality caulk works well in a well-heated area. If it's cold outside, then you will want to find caulking material that will work well despite the temperature changes. Silicone is typically not affected by cold temperatures like water-based caulks tend to be.

Service Temperature:

Unlike silicone

The best silicone caulk for kitchen sinks should be able to hold up well during hot and cold temperatures. If you have a sink near a heating vent, this will need to be considered when choosing the right caulk for your home.

Storage Temperature:

You should also keep in mind the storage temperature for your caulk. Often, manufacturers recommend storing it indoors in a heated area or outdoors. You should also avoid storing it near chemicals or other caulk products so the two do not mix and damage your new caulk.

Indoor Or Outdoor Uses:

Some caulks are designed to be used indoors only, while others can function outside as well. The best kitchen sink caulk will not be restricted to use outdoors or indoors because most sinks are located in the home's interior.

You can use it to seal undermount sink countertops and sink countertop backsplashes. Moreover, it's great for repairing chips or cracks inside the sink or outside on the surrounding cabinets.

Easy Installation:

With the best caulk for kitchen sink, you should be able to install it very easily. Applying and curing each product should not take more than a few minutes.

Easy Cleanup:

You can remove caulk from your hands with warm water and mild soap. You should also be able to remove it from most surfaces with a little bit of soapy water or an all-purpose cleaner solution.

Caulk Brands:  

There are many brands of caulk on the market today. If you want quality, then be sure to buy a trusted and well-known brand in the industry. Caulk with lesser-known brands can lead to headaches and wasted money. The best caulk for kitchen sink should be easy to work with and give you the results that you want.


The best caulk for the kitchen sink is one that is value for money. It does not have to be the cheapest product on the market. You can research ahead of time to determine which caulk fits best with your budget so you won't be left disappointed when it comes time to buy.

How to Apply Caulk on a Kitchen Sink Countertop?

Caulk drop in sink application

Cleaning a kitchen sink surface is a necessary chore, but what do you do when the edge of the sink has an unsightly chip or crack? It's easier than ever to repair it by applying caulk. Here are step-by-step instructions for new caulking your kitchen sink countertop.

Step 01. Gather All Tools

To begin, set out all of your tools and supplies to make the process smoother without having to run around looking for various items. You will need an old dishcloth or rag, wood putty knife, cornering tool (or flathead screwdriver), caulk gun, and your choice of caulk.

For this project, you will want to use a clear silicone caulk that is non-sag for better results. You can obtain these products at any local hardware store.

Step 02. Clean The Area

Clean the area around the sink with an all-purpose cleaner or mild dish soap and warm water because you do not want dirt or hairs to get stuck in your new caulk. Dry the area with an old dishcloth, paper towel, or rag for easier application.

Step 03. Make The Corners

You will need to make 90 degree angles on all of your corner edges both inside and out using the wood putty knife. The most important part is to make sure the angles are very clean and straight because this will be a guide for your new caulk line. Be sure to use a marker or pencil for better visibility when marking these corners.

Step 04. Puncture the Cartridge

under mount sink

Torn out the cartridge and insert it into the caulking gun. Push the plunger to release an initial bead of caulk into the groove. Puncture the cartridge again and release another bead into your caulk gun.

Step 05. Apply Beads

Apply two beads on each corner angle both inside and outside the sink with a smooth and consistent motion. Fill in all gaps evenly and allow them to cure for the required time.

Step 06. Cleanup and Enjoy

Clean up any messes with a mild soapy water solution and let the caulk dry overnight before using the sink again. You can flaunt your new caulked kitchen sink surface for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can Caulk Clog Sink Drain?

If you use caulk more than recommended, it can clog your sink drain. When the caulk is rinsing down the drain, it may dry in the drain and clog it. So, it would be prudent to be careful when caulking your kitchen sink.

2. How to Remove Old Caulk from Kitchen Sink?

There are many ways to remove old caulk residue from the kitchen sink. You can use a utility knife blade to scrape out the caulk around the edges of the sink, then clean it with your hand or a sponge.

If you want to completely get rid of old or existing caulk, you need to use methylene chloride, mineral spirits or denatured alcohol.

3. Can I Use Silicone Caulk Instead of Plumbers Putty?

Yes, you can use silicone caulk instead of plumber's putty. It's another good option for caulking because it sticks well even on wet surfaces, is easy to clean up, and is slightly flexible while still being able to form a sealant.

4. Should I Caulk Around the Sink Faucet?

Yes, you should caulk around the sink faucet if there is no plastic or rubber gasket coming with it. For a clean and professional look, you should apply a bead of silicone or siliconized acrylic caulk around your faucet.

You can use a tube-type caulk that can be smoothed over the edges with your wet finger or an inexpensive caulking gun that comes with its own cartridge.


Caulk is a popular home improvement product that is used to seal up cracks and gaps around the sink. It comes in many different varieties, with some being more beneficial than others for kitchen sink use.

The best caulk for kitchen sink will be one that is easy to work with, great for this task, long-lasting, able to stand up to water damage and extreme temperatures, and resistant to mold and mildew.

The caulk for your kitchen sink should be able to provide you with maximum coverage as well as a clean, professional look. We hope this article will be helpful in choosing the right caulk for your kitchen sink.