Best Knife for Cutting Ribs Reviews in 2023 [Top 5]

Which knife do you need to use when slicing ribs? This is a question that many people have asked themselves over the years, and there are plenty of knives available on the market that claim they’re best suited for this task. But, which one should you choose? In order to find the answer, you should read along with the article.

In this article, we will present the best knife for cutting ribs and discuss what factors to consider when making your choice, as well as provide some FAQs which will certainly be helpful when making the selection.



Editor's Rating


Authentic XYJ Knife

5 out of 5

Aroma House Meat Cleaver Butcher Knife

5 out of 5

Imarku Cleaver Knife

4.5 out of 5

ENOKING Serbian Chef Knife

4 out of 5

TUO Meat Cleaver Chopping Knife

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 5 Knife for Slicing Ribs

Choosing the best knife for cutting ribs is a process that will take some time, but it’s important to do it right.

That means considering all of your options and then narrowing them down to one or two knives that you like the most and feel comfortable using. We're going to talk about the best knife for cutting ribs.

1. Authentic XYJ Knife

Authentic XYJ knife featuring high manganese steel, a V-shaped blade, and an ergonomic handle.

It is the right knife for making a smooth cut without worrying about slipping and causing injury to oneself or others.

This knife has an ergonomic design so the stress on your hand is avoided, plus it's durable all around.

It helps increase efficiency and speed up the cooking process, so you'll always be at your best when you use it.

Authentic XYJ Knives are best for any number of tasks including climbing, fishing, outdoors, or kitchen work. It is important to note that these blades are well made through forging methods that provide durability and resilience against wear and tear when they are used in cutting tasks.

The knives have been sharpened by workers that have a combined experience of over thirty years. More than that, it is an all-purpose knife; you can use this for cutting meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Your kitchen tasks like cutting up your favorite foods will be done rapidly and efficiently.

The knife is not only useful in the kitchen but for hunting and camping as well. The leather sheath that comes with this product makes it even more valuable because it protects the blade from damage and corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Razor Sharp blade
  • Simple design
  • Great balance and practicality
  • Ideal for all sorts of kitchen work like cutting meat, vegetables, and fruit

2. Aroma House Meat Cleaver Butcher Knife

Aroma House meat cleaver butcher knife is for home kitchen cooks or professionals who want to be able to do more than just rough cut meat.

The high carbon stainless steel blade on this Knife affects the hardness and strength you need for different Cutting tasks.

The Full Tang blade stays strong with reliable performance so it will not fall off if the tough cleaver blade comes in contact with a countertop or other type of surface that might bend and cause problems.

This handsome knife looks good in any kitchen and has excellent cutting power that won't lose its edge easily when re-sharpening needs to happen.

The handle will make it easy for you to get a good grip and not worry about the knife slipping out of your hand while making clean up easier later on after cooking, too.

The Magnetized Box keeps your new butchery tool safe when not in use and looking amazing until you need to take it apart for cleaning or dishwasher use.

The presentation is perfect for gifts or holiday giving because the product comes well packaged and ready to go when you are looking for that little something extra to surprise your favorite home cook.

Aroma House Meat Cleaver is a powerful, sturdy, right knife that's easy to use and does the job fast so you can do other things.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality carbon steel
  • Ergonomic handle for a good grip
  • Full tang blade stays strong with reliable performance
  • Excellent cutting power that won't lose its edge easily when re-sharpening

3. Imarku Cleaver Knife

With an 18-degree blade, this is a high-quality, durable chef's knife that is just right for home cooks who want to enjoy slicing and dicing as much as their professional counterparts do.

The handle of this knife is ergonomic and comes with a large enough surface area to prevent any slippages or slips during use. Furthermore, it is designed with anti-speed rivets, which ensure longevity and durability.

This Imarku cleaver knife is made of superior high carbon stainless steel. It comes with full tang construction for strength and durability.

Its wooden handle is pakka wood which provides both quality and resilience to the grip, making it easier to use without having to worry about any accidents or slips. This cleaver knife is also available for left-handed users to make it more versatile.

Its size makes it versatile in the kitchen when preparing meat for a number of dishes. This cleaver also comes with a full tang construction which means that it can be used to cut through a variety of food items without any problems.

The blade has a narrow blade to ensure that the user can have greater control over each cut.

This high carbon stainless steel blade is fully forged and hand sharpened, offering an exceptional level of durability and strength for heavy-duty usage. It features the classic 7-inch form factor which makes it easier to prepare your dishes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of high quality German imported steel
  • Blade thickness is 2.3mm which is very thin and sharp
  • The handle is Pakka wood for resilience and durability
  • Anti-skid rivets design to ensure a longer lifespan
  • Easy to maintain

4. ENOKING Serbian Chef Knife

With the ENOKING Serbian chef’s knife, any household can have all the cutting tools it needs. Therefore, it is a perfect gift.

Household cleaver blades are handcrafted by craftsmen and are free of soldering with machine-made wire-cutting knives, so they're more durable and stronger. And this hand-forged pattern gives each cutler skill its own uniqueness, which provides the right balance in edge retention and sharpness to outperform others in the market.

The high carbon stainless steel blades resist rust and maintain sharpness for longer than other brands making them stand out among the competition.

The Full Tang handle provides adequate comfort when using so you can rib trimming seamlessly, while you go on cooking chores or outdoor adventures without jeopardizing your maneuverability since the blade is protected by a leather cover.

All these features at an affordable rate make ENOKING knives one of the most preferred ones by professionals and non-professionals alike, so much so that you don’t even need to wash them before keeping them away after usage, they are that durable.

ENOKING's knife is not only durable, but can also be used to mince, chop, slice, cleave meat, steak, bone, fish, and vegetables. It’s your perfect campfire cutlery that can serve as multipurpose knives to take with you on adventures like hunting or camping.

No matter where you are, it will be of assistance to you while you are preparing food or enjoying time outdoors.

Keep it dry and clean after every use to prevent rust. When the blade has not been used for a long period of time, you should apply cooking oil to it.

You'll be able to use it forever. It should be stored in a dry place if you aren't going to use it for a while.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handcrafted by craftsmen with a hand-forged pattern for each knife, stronger and more durable
  • The blade is made of 5Cr15MoV high carbon steel that resists rust and maintains sharpness longer than others
  • The best campfire cutlery for hunting or camping.
  • Comes with a leather cover to protect the blade

5. TUO Meat Cleaver Chopping Knife

TUO's Meat Cleaver Chopping Knife is manufactured from German HC steel, so it is suitable for vegetables and rib cutting.

Using this cleaver's wider blade, you will be able to easily place the vegetables directly into containers.

In order to offer the best performance, the knife has been treated with vacuum heat and nitrogen cooling, resulting in an extremely hard surface and a long service life.

The edge of this chopper is razor sharp, reducing any resistance to cutting. To ensure comfortability while enjoying your rib knife, its handle has a beautiful curve with extreme ergonomics resulting in less soreness on your wrist over time.

With Pakkawood, you can have peace of mind that your knife is not only durable but will also remain safe from insects, moisture, and corrosion.

With this wood being extremely hard-wearing, it's surely a staple for any modern kitchen.

Have another advantage knowing that the TUO Meat Cleaver Chopping Knife was designed with its consumers in mind.

The TUO Meat Cleaver Chopping Knife is a kitchen essential for its variety of uses and compatibility with all other supplies in your home.

The blade's quality ensures both easy cutting baby back ribs and long-lasting sharpness, while also being safe for you and your family to use even on delicate meats. Finally, it's also designed with left-handers in mind.

Highlighted Features:

  • Meat Cleaver Chopping Knife manufactured from German HC steel
  • Razor sharp blade and durable blade with a long service life
  • Handle with a beautiful curve for comfort while eating
  • Pakkawood for durability and extreme ergonomics

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Knife for Cutting Ribs

Chosen boning knives

It is extremely important that you keep a few things in mind when in the process of selecting the best knife for cutting ribs. Some of these are:

The Knife's Material

Knives made of strong, durable materials are ideal for slicing ribs. Steel or carbon steel blade is best because it will hold an edge, which makes for razor sharp cuts and easy cooking.


Sharpness of the right knife

It is essential to use a boning knife that has a razor sharp and narrow blade so it can easily glide through the meat without pulling or tearing.

This will provide clean cuts and make for easier cooking as well as providing a better end result. Using a dull knife can lead to major problems. Therefore, you must consider the sharpness of the boning knife.

Weight of the Slicing Knife

A heavy boning knife may tire your hand or arm quickly, which will make cutting spare ribs more difficult.

If the weight is too light, then there may not be enough force behind each cut and the meat may be pulled.

A medium-weight boning knife with a good grip will provide optimal comfort and cut through spare ribs smoothly.

Design of Handle

Handle of an expensive knife

A handle that provides a comfortable grip is important, so you can hold onto it while trimming ribs without worrying about it slipping out of your hand or getting tired quickly from the weight.

There should also be a guard that fits around the blade to protect your fingers from being cut.


The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that you might need.

1. What Kind of Knife is Suitable for Cutting Through Bone?

In order to cut through bone, the great blade to use is a meat cleaver. Meat cleavers are known for their strong, sturdy blades that can actually puncture through bone.

2. How do I Know If My Slicing Knife is Sharp Enough to Cut Ribs?

If your old knife is dull, it will take more effort to cut through the spare ribs. If it's razor sharp and narrow blade, it will take little effort to break through the bone.

In general, boning knives with a sharp, narrow blade are best for cutting spare ribs so as to reduce the amount of force applied to the meat.

3. What Kind of Knife Should I Avoid when Slicing Ribs?

Avoid using a serrated, dull knife or a lightweight blade because they have a higher chance of slipping and injuring you. Also, never use a small paring knife, since they are too small to support the weight of your hand.

4. How Many Knives do I Need in My Kitchen?

The answer to how many knives you'll need in your kitchen depends on personal preference, but a good rule of thumb is to have a chef's knife, paring knife or boning knives, and a serrated knife. The chef's knife can be used for cutting vegetables and meats, while the paring knife is used for smaller jobs like peeling an apple or cutting up herbs.


As you can see, there are many things to consider when selecting the right knife for slicing ribs. However, each consideration is important and will determine which type of knife will work best.

With that in mind, we would recommend selecting a medium-weight knife with a blade that is long enough to cut through ribs yet still be easy to use. The products we have presented in this article are all top quality, and we urge you to select the product which meets your needs.