24 Amazing Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Space Saving

The corner kitchen cabinet is often overlooked. Its placement in the home deemed too inconvenient to bother dealing with and the space it offers not abundant enough to take advantage of.

If that is what’s happening to the corner kitchen cabinets in your home, then you should know that you don’t have to settle for neglecting those additional spaces.

There are so many ways for you to get more out of your corner kitchen cabinets.

Included below are 24 different corner kitchen cabinet ideas that you can check out as you try to figure out how to maximize the amount of storage space available in your home.

24 Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The Many Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Worth Considering

1. Install a Lazy Susan for Easier Access

The Lazy Susan allows you to maximize the space offered by corner cabinets. The rotating shelves allow you to reach parts of the corner cabinets that may have remained inaccessible otherwise.

If there’s a specific design scheme you are trying to stick with for your kitchen, installing a Lazy Susan is also a good idea because it will not get in the way of that.

2.  Swinging Pullout Shelves Give You More Working Surfaces

Swinging pullout shelves also provide you with easy access to the space offered by your corner cabinets, but they differ in some ways from the Lazy Susan.

If you find yourself constantly in need of additional shelves while working in the kitchen, these will work great for you given how stable they are.

3. Pullout Drawers Provide Sturdy Storage

Keeping the kitchen organized can be challenging if you have way too many pots and pans lying around. To address that issue, you can turn your corner cabinets into pullout drawers.

Pullout drawers are valued for their sturdiness, so don’t hesitate to use them for the purposes of holding your biggest pots and pans.

4. Turn the Corner Cabinets into Corner Drawers

Turn the Corner Cabinets into Corner Drawers

Corner cabinets are often tough to properly access because their doors are too big and their hinges limit the wideness of the opening. You can get around that issue by installing corner drawers instead.

Corner drawers may not offer as much space as the larger cabinets, but you will have no trouble opening them up completely.

5. Diagonal Cabinets Work as Design Elements

Replacing a corner cabinet with a diagonal cabinet will require you to sacrifice some storage space, but in exchange, you will have something that makes more sense as an element of your kitchen from a design perspective.

Diagonal cabinets can be used to tie together the kitchen nicely, and if you have some fancy dinnerware to display, you can store them here and show them off to your guests.

6. Having a Sink in The Corner is an Option

You’d have to go out of your way to ask for a sink in the corner of your kitchen, but if it’s an option for you, go ahead and explore it. Turn the upper portion of the corner cabinet into the sink and the lower portion can be a small storage area set next to the pipes.

7. Be Inventive Using Built-in Seating

Instead of treating the corner cabinet as something you just have to deal with in your kitchen, you can turn it into the centerpiece of that part of your home by adding a seating component to it.

You’ll need a spacious kitchen to pull this off, but the results can be spectacular if done right.

8. Double Accordion Doors Allow for the Creation of a Deeper Cabinet

Double Accordion Doors Allow for The Creation of a Deeper Cabinet

Installing double accordion doors on your corner cabinets makes it possible for you to open them without them getting in the way.

9. Allow the Corner Cabinets to Act as Rarely Used Storage

If your corner cabinets are simply not big or accessible enough to be customized further, then use them as rarely used storage space. This way, your corner cabinets are still serving a real purpose in your kitchen, but you don’t need to deal with them on a consistent basis.

10. Larger Kitchen Corners Can Be Turned into a Pantry

Having a pantry inside your home would be very convenient. There’s usually not enough space in the kitchen for one, but you can merge the corner space into the surrounding areas to create a pantry. Just make sure you build the pantry into an area where it will not be directly exposed to sunlight to avoid having your stored food go bad.

11. Take Advantage of the Available Vertical Space to Create a Larger Corner Cabinet

Most corner cabinets are on the smaller side, but if you have enough headroom in your kitchen, it’s not such a bad idea to consider installing a full-sized cabinet. You will definitely get more use out of it and it still won’t make your kitchen feel cramped.

12. Turn Corner Cabinets into Showcase Compartments by Using Glass Doors

If it’s not possible to store a large amount of items into your corner cabinets, then use them for a different purpose by installing some glass doors. Keep the best pieces of silverware here and proudly display them for all to see, or add something else that will fit into the design of your kitchen.

13. Replace the Cabinets with Smaller Slots

Build slots into the corners of your kitchen cabinets and have those serve as the holders for your plates and saucers. You’re limiting the amount of space you can have in the kitchen, but it beats having kitchen cabinets you’ll never open.

14. Use Corner Cabinets as Storage for Your Appliances

Use Corner Cabinets as Storage for Your Appliances

Some homeowners are lucky enough to have elevated corner cabinets in their kitchen. Those who can enjoy such luxuries should take full advantage of what they have by using these easy-to-reach spaces as storage for various appliances.

Toasters, juicers, coffee makers are typically small enough to fit in corner cabinets, so feel free to take advantage of that.

15. Install a Garbage Receptacle

Vegetable and fruit peelings, food wrappers, and meat trimmings are just some of the waste materials that accumulate in a kitchen. To dispose of them easily, turn your corner cabinet into a handy garbage receptacle that you can use at any time.

16. Portable Lazy Susans are Useful Additions

A Lazy Susan will help you make the most of what little cabinet space you do have, and a portable Lazy Susan will work even better for that. You’re obviously not getting as much space from a portable Lazy Susan, but the convenience of the moving shelves is still something you’ll be able to enjoy.

17. Introduce Alternate Shelving to Your Kitchen

Installing alternate shelving is a good way to get better organized inside your kitchen. There’s a good chance that there have been times when you’ve had to scour through your entire kitchen in search of a tool you misplaced. Alternate shelving will help get rid of that annoying issue.

18. Create Hanging Racks to Maximize Space

If your corner kitchen cabinets are not big enough for Lazy Susans or any of the other customization options previously mentioned, then perhaps you can still use them as hanging racks. Install hooks on the cabinet doors and then use those to hang your smaller pots and pans from.

19. Narrow the Profile of Your Corner Cabinets

Another option on the table is to simply change the shape of the cabinets themselves. Make them narrower, so that you can open them with no problem. Narrow cabinets can still be highly useful as shelves for spices.

20. Wire Shelves are Useful Space-Savers

Wire shelves aren’t particularly sturdy, but they can still capably support smaller items typically used in the kitchen such as measuring cups and jars of spices.

21. Build Custom Cabinets

Only you are aware of what kind of storage you require inside your kitchen, so why not take care of that problem yourself by building a custom cabinet. For the not so handy, ordering custom-made cabinets is also an option.

22. Larger Hanging Racks Can Hold More Items

Some corner cabinets are quite spacious once you reach inside. Make use of all that extra space to install larger hanging racks that will be able to easily hold all of the pots and pans that you regularly use.

23. Replace the Cabinet With a Recycle Bin

During the course of your time working in the kitchen, you will likely end up using a lot of cartons and cans. It’s not wise to just include those with other waste materials when they can still be recycled, right? By having a recycle bin in your kitchen, waste management will be a much easier task.

24. Flat-Front Drawers Stay Out of the Way

Bumping your legs on cabinet handles can be annoying and painful. One way to address that issue is by installing flat-front drawers and cabinets.

As you can see, there are all kinds of things that you can do with those often neglected corner kitchen cabinets. They can be used for the purposes of storage, for displaying valuables, and even serving as the design elements themselves.

Corner cabinets can be just as useful as other parts of your kitchen. Now, you have some ideas for how to get the most out of them.