How to Grind Cloves: Easy 7 Methods for Beginners

Cloves are a spice that adds flavor to many dishes. However, they can be difficult to grind and often take a long time. Luckily, there is an easy way to get them into your dish quickly. You will learn how to do it in this blog post.

How to Grind Cloves: Easy Simple Method

In the next section, we will look at some easy methods for grinding cloves

Method 1: Using a Knife

Using a Knife

One of the easiest ways to grind cloves is with a knife. All you need to do is cut them up into small pieces and then rub them between your fingers until they are ground up.

Another great option would be to place the clove between two knives and then mash it down until all the pieces break off from each other. This will help you turn them into a powder faster and more quickly.

For those looking for something simpler than what they currently use, we recommend you give this method a try too! It is quick, efficient, and helps grind these spices accurately as well with no troubles or issues.

Method 2: Using a Clove Grater

A clove greater will also work really well for this task when ground cloves are required. All you have to do is grate one of the peeled cloves and transfer it into a bowl on top of powdered sugar (or other ingredients).

Then rub it between your fingers as we mentioned with the knife above. This method gives off less oil than grinding so only try if necessary!

If done properly, there is no reason anyone should struggle with how to grind up some fresh cloves! It's not as hard as you might think.

Method 3: Using a Mortar and Pestle

We recommend doing this outside if possible unless you want to spend more time cleaning up afterward!

To do so, carefully add your peeled cloves onto the surface of the mortar's stone bowl then slowly crush them by pressing down firmly on top while twisting back and forth for about one minute.

Repeat these steps until all pieces are finely ground once finished. Now you can add the powder to a clean dish and work it into your cooking as usual.

Method 4: Using a Coffee Grinder

Using a Coffee Grinder

If you have a coffee grinder, it is really simple. You can just grind the clove with your regular grounds and be done in minutes.

This way also has less mess than using a mortar or pestle as grinding cloves will release their oils and stain anything they come into contact with.

Method 5: Using a Spice Grinder

You can also use a spice grinder to grind cloves. This is handy and easy because it doesn't take up much space in your kitchen or requires any special skills.

All you need to do is peel your cloves, wrap them in a towel and crush them using the spice grinder. You can then add them to whatever dish you want or store them until needed.

Method 6: Using a Pepper Grinder

Peel your cloves and place both halves onto the pepper mill's surface then twist back and forth until they are reduced into tiny pieces with no work at all! This requires less effort than using a knife or coffee/spice grinder but more than just a mortar and pestle.

You can chop up first before adding peeled clove halves on top of one another while holding down firmly against whatever surface you're grinding them on. Take care not to let go until they are on fine ground.

When done correctly, use the powder as needed by adding directly into your dishes during cooking time. This is difficult and may take a few minutes to do, but it's worth it in the end.

Method 7: Using Food Processor

Using Food Processor

If you're looking for something quicker, a food processor is your best bet. Start by peeling the cloves and adding them into your machine's bowl then turn it on to blend or pulse until they are finely ground up.

The only downside with this is that it doesn't grind as well because of how large the pieces can be, but if you don't have time or patience, this method may work better for you!

Some Additional Tips on to Grind Cloves

Adding Cloves to Other Spices for Grinding

Some spices that work well for grinding cloves are nutmeg, cumin seeds, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and coriander seeds. You just need to mix these ingredients together before putting them into your grinder or food processor (if using).

Spices like these will make it easier than doing it alone because there will be more friction between those two surfaces.

Cloves and Salt Substitute

Cloves and Salt Substitute

Try substituting Morton Lite Salt instead of table salt when you have a recipe that calls for both ground clove and salt.

These two ingredients will give your dish more flavors! It tastes like an entirely fresh meal because the other spices are so strong compared to them.

They're also great if you don't want any added sodium (or as much) which can be unhealthy.

Freezing the Cloves

If you need large quantities of ground cloves but think it would take too long to grind up one at a time by hand, then freezing is another option worth considering!

Use this technique when making fresh stocks, soups, sauces, broths, and any other dishes that call for the spice.


Well, there are many methods but we think the best handy method for grinding cloves is with a mortar and pestle. This ensures the spices are evenly ground with no clumps or chunks, but it can be time consuming to use this technique alone.

A spice grinder will also work well if you want your cloves finely chopped rather than crushed into small pieces.

If you're looking for something quick and easy that still produces an even grind, try using a coffee mill instead.

However, it will all depend on where you are right now, what you have already, and what you want to do next, so make your choice wisely.