29 Awesome Tiny House Kitchen Ideas You Must know

Some may think of a small kitchen as something detrimental to the home, but that’s only true if that space is not fully maximized. While it’s certainly true that there are certain limitations on what you can do with a smaller kitchen, that doesn’t mean that it has to be a part of your home that’s boring or neglected.

In this article, you will be able to check out some of the best tiny house kitchen ideas. You will also be able to see that there are all kinds of things that you can do even with a smaller space for cooking.

With a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, even a tiny kitchen can end up becoming the best part of your home.

29 Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

29 Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

1. Use a Bright White Color Scheme and Smart Positioning to Create a Less Stuffy Kitchen

One way to make sure that the kitchen does not end up feeling cramped is to give it great ventilation. Something as simple as installing your sink near the window can make such a huge difference. You’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air blowing in as you finish up your chores.

Painting your kitchen bright white also creates the illusion of airiness, and that should help you feel more comfortable while you are working.

2. Long and Narrow Kitchens Can Work

If the space you have for the kitchen in your home is narrow but on the longer side, then just go with what your house is telling you to do. Instead of trying to squeeze into the narrow space, take advantage of the length of the room to fit in your kitchen countertops and other appliances.

It will take some time to get used to, but it will end up being a way more comfortable kitchen.

3. Use Wooden Fixtures to Create the Illusion of a Larger Kitchen

Maybe the space you have in your van is really small and there’s simply not enough room for a standard-sized kitchen, what can you do then?

The answer is to use plenty of wood. Wooden fixtures have this unique ability to make even a small room feel spacious and you need to take full advantage of that. Wood’s the right choice for comfort as well, because you don’t want steel fixtures heating up the inside of your van.

Add some well-placed windows into the mix and you suddenly have a cozy kitchen on the go.

4. Smart Appliance Placement Results in a Cozy Kitchen

Having only a limited amount of space for your kitchen does not necessarily mean that you can’t put your preferred collection of appliances inside of it. That holds true even if you are talking about larger appliances such as refrigerators and ovens.

Put the refrigerator in the corner where it can take up space but won’t get in the way and then place the oven near a fixture like a sink to get the most out of space that would have been left unused otherwise.

Pay close attention to where you’re placing your appliances if you want to make good use of every inch of space available in your kitchen.

5. Cut Corners in Your Kitchen (the Good Way)

Cut Corners in Your Kitchen

Those pesky kitchen corners can be really annoying. If they were just a little bit wider, then maybe you can do something good with them.

Even as they are though, there’s still a way to effectively cut away the corners of your kitchen while still getting full use out of the space available. Arrange kitchen counters along the wall of your kitchen and place a large appliance like a refrigerator at the end so that you are maximizing all the space there while simultaneously getting rid of the corners as well.

6. Bed and Breakfast in One Cozy Nook

Is there only room left in your small home for either a bedroom or a kitchen? It may seem that way, but you don’t necessarily have to choose.

Granted, the bedroom we’re talking about here is probably best described as minimalist, but there’s no reason why you can’t be comfortable sleeping on a good mattress even if it is situated above your kitchen.

Plus, the heat from the cooking taking place below should be enough to keep you nice and warm.

7. Greenery Makes a Kitchen More Welcoming

A simple way to make a kitchen feel more comfortable is to simply add more plants to it. Grow your own herbs and place them inside your kitchen or just get some of your favorite potted plants.

8. Modern Kitchen Fixtures are Good Design Pieces

If you have a fondness for modern design, then feel free to place those sleek-looking countertops inside your kitchen. Since they typically feature minimalist design, they won’t take up plenty of space.

9. a Fall-Inspired Color Scheme is a Good Choice for a Kitchen

Make your kitchen a more inviting space by doing something as simple as adding fall colors to it. Add some gentle lighting to round out the feel of your kitchen.

10. Kitchens that Feature Classic Design Can be Absolutely Stunning

Kitchens That Feature Classic Design Can Be Absolutely Stunning

Those old cooking shows always take place inside cute kitchens. If you’ve always wanted one of those, then the key elements of one can still fit inside of a smaller space.

11. Create Your Own Countryside Kitchen

Brick walls, wooden shelves, and small windows with brightly colored curtains are all recognizable elements of the quintessential countryside kitchen. They will look great inside your kitchen too.

12. be Bold With Your Design Choices

An exciting color scheme can work wonders for your kitchen. The same can be said for eye-catching design pieces. Don’t shy away from your bold tendencies and instead, show them off in your kitchen.

13. White and Wooden Elements Make a Small Kitchen More Appealing

Get the most out of your smaller kitchen by painting the walls white and adding some wooden accents in strategic locations.

14. Add Chairs to Your Kitchen to Invite Others to Spend Time There

You don’t need to bring a couch into a kitchen or anything. Place some stylish bar stools near the kitchen countertop and you’ll make it easier for guests to drop by and chat while you’re working.

15. be Resourceful: Transform a Cabinet Into a Micro Kitchen

Replace a cabinet door with a mini fridge and then take out some drawers to make room for a microwave oven, and you’re set.

16. Turn Your Room into a Small Kitchen

Do you have some space to spare in your room? Turn those vacant spaces into something more useful by adding some kitchen fixtures and cabinets.

17. Keep Things Simple

The last thing you will need in a smaller kitchen is clutter, so keep it neat by having only the essentials in there. Use a different room to store appliances that you will not use often.

18. Indigo is a Surprisingly Good Color for the Kitchen

Indigo is a Surprisingly Good Color for the Kitchen

Something about the color indigo just works inside the kitchen. Paint your cabinets and shelves with this color and instantly create a more visually striking space.

19. Customize Your Kitchen for Couples

Even a smaller space will likely feature enough room for a couple of chairs and a table big enough for two people. This type of kitchen setup is absolutely perfect for newlyweds looking to save money.

20. Fill Your Kitchen with Appliances

If you find yourself having to make a choice between creating a kitchen or a room for something like storage or laundry, then one way to resolve that dilemma is to just go with both. Fit in as many appliances as you can into that one room and you’ll solve your problem.

21. a Farmhouse Aesthetic Works for a Small Kitchen

Shelves covered with chicken wire and wooden countertops are things you’ll often see inside the kitchens of farmhouses. There’s no reason why they can’t be found in your kitchen as well.

22. Galley Kitchens are Great for Narrow Spaces

The galley kitchen layout is a great option to consider for a narrow living space. With appliances and fixtures on both sides of the hallway, you can easily work on different dishes at the same time.

23. Old School Design is Always a Good Choice

Bring excitement into your tiny kitchen by making use of retro patterns and colors. You get bonus points if you can find some appliances that function well while featuring a retro look.

24. Connect Your Tiny Kitchen to Another Part Of Your Home

The kitchen may feel cramped if you keep it walled off from the rest of your home. Fix that problem by tearing down the walls and letting the kitchen flow into another part of your humble abode. Use floor mats to prevent messes in the kitchen from getting out of hand.

25. Build Your Kitchen Near Your Garden

Build Your Kitchen Near Your Garden

Gardens are great sources for inexpensive and healthy ingredients, and to make sure that you always include them in your cooking, locate your kitchen right next to one. Design the kitchen in a way that you can just reach out the window and grab some vegetables to add to your salads and stews.

26. Vertical Spaces Should be Utilized

The kitchen in your home may be small in terms of how wide it is, but what you may not be considering is all the space you have above your head. Install some hanging racks and additional cabinets to free your tiny kitchen from needless clutter.

27. Find Room for a Dishwasher

A helpful tool for removing clutter in your small kitchen is a dishwasher. By having that convenient creation in your kitchen, you can more efficiently clean dirty dishes and cooking equipment. Think of the dishwasher as a must-have fixture for your kitchen and do what you can to find the room for it.

28. Install Appliances Instead of Cabinets

There’s no need to own numerous plates and silverware if you don’t do a lot of entertaining, so instead of using kitchen cabinets to store those items, it will be worth your time to try something else.

Take out those cabinets and install a dishwasher, a microwave oven, and any other appliance you know you will use more often than decorative plates and silverware.

29. Windows are Good Additions to a Tiny Kitchen

Things can get hot in a hurry inside a kitchen, especially if it’s on the smaller side. You don’t have to settle for that however. By installing some well-placed windows, even your tiny kitchen will be a comfortable space.

A tiny home is no excuse for having an uncomfortable kitchen. By making some smart design choices and sticking to only adding the essential pieces of equipment, even a small space can be transformed into a useful kitchen.

Please feel free to try the tiny house kitchen ideas listed above to make your place of residence more beautiful and more functional.