Best Food Processor for Chopping Dates | Top 7 Picks 2021

Are you looking for a food processor that can chop your dates according to your liking? Chopping dates can be a pain, but it's important to do so if you want them in your recipes.

Having a good food processor for chopping dates will shorten the process of chopping dates and reduce effort. We recommend that you do not go too cheap when purchasing a food processor, as their prices can vary quite a bit.

As stated, this article will provide you with 7 top food processors that are able to chop dates how you like, how you can select them for best results, and some FAQs.



Editor's Rating


Hamilton Beach 70730 Stainless Steel

5 out of 5

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

5 out of 5

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Chrome and Nickel Mini-Prep Plus

4.5 out of 5

KitchenAid KFC3516BM

4 out of 5


4.5 out of 5

Here are the Top 7 Best Food Processors for Chopping Dates

Chopping dates is not an easy task for everyone, but luckily you can buy a food processor to take care of this chore. Look at the following appliances for chopping dates:

1. Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper, Stainless Steel

The Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper is an all-in-one solution perfect for chopping dates. Modernizing your kitchen with the Hamilton Beach 70730 food processor, and makes cooking prep time a breeze.

The two different blades let you easily shred or slice meat and vegetables (or even lunchmeat), making your life easier by requiring minimal prep time in the kitchen. It has stainless steel blades that make it easy to chop or slice your favorite ingredients.

With a large 10-cup capacity, the Hamilton Beach 70730 food processor can easily handle big jobs like dicing an entire cabbage or shredding a block of cheese. Plus, with the large feed chute, you won't have to spend time slicing soft foods into pieces before processing.

The lid is easily removable and dishwasher protected. You'll save time by eliminating the need to use knives or a cutting board, which will allow you to get dinner on the table faster than ever.

Simple controls and a sleek design mean that it's easy to store when not in use. It's a great general-purpose kitchen appliance that will help you chop, shred, slice, and mix your ingredients without leaving a mess behind.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great general-purpose food processor
  • Stainless steel blades for easy slicing and chopping
  • 10 Cup capacity with large feed chute
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher reliable parts
  • Powerful 450 watt motor with 2 speeds and pulse
  • Bowl Scraper does all the work for you, even when in use

2. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System with Total Crushing Pitcher, 1500-watt Base

People who need the perfect food processor for chopping dates should look into the Ninja BL770 kitchen system. It also comes with two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups to take your customized drink on the go because you deserve it.

This includes a 1500 watt base, a 72-ounce crusher with a pulverization time of a few seconds, 8 cup food processor bowl with a cutting blade, and a mixing blade capable of mixing up to 2 lbs. in 30 seconds.

This appliance is dishwasher reliable and BPA free so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals or parts that can't be cleaned. You'll find that your machine is easy to clean up after each use.

This is a great model for anyone who enjoys making their own drinks. The total crushing technology will obliterate ice and the blades are able to chop up vegetables in seconds.

This makes it easier to make foods healthier so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about spending too much time in the kitchen.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1500 watts of power
  • 72 oz. total crushing pitcher for all your blending needs
  • 8 cup bowl fitted with a blade for perfect results
  • Dough blade for mixing up to 2 lbs. of dough in 30 seconds
  • Safe for dishwashers and BPA free parts
  • Easy to clean

3. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Chrome and Nickel Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor

The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Food Processor is a high-quality product that makes chopping dates easy to do in the kitchen.

It's hardy enough for serious home chefs or even restaurant cooking, but also affordable enough that parents with little kids could buy it to teach them about food prep.

For compact storage, the 3 cup food processor work bowl features interlocking grooves for stacking.

The blade assembly is made of stainless steel thus durable while its blades are serrated to speed up your preparation time by ripping through what you need instead of chewing straight towards success.

When you consider its precision, it can handle small batches of food without clogging or spilling out the ingredients which means that this machine is perfect if you're working with a tight budget.

The chrome accents are both modern and stylish. They are sure to impress dinner guests as well as your family.

Highlighted Features:

  • A 3-cup bowl is ideal for preparing small batches
  • Blades are made from stainless steel
  • Compatible with a dishwasher
  • Removable pieces make for easy cleaning
  • Chrome accents that are both modern and stylish

4. KitchenAid KFC3516BM 3.5-Cup Food Chopper, Medium, Matte Black

The KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Food Processor is ideal for chopping dates and its perfect size makes it easy to use every day in the kitchen.

Precisely chop your favorite ingredients with the precise control pulse feature for coarse or fine chopping. Create chunky pico de gallo, creamy hummus, smooth sauce, or tasty dressing.

The right size of a food processor for everyday use in the kitchen, this compact model features an easy-to-clean work bowl, handle with pour spout, and locking blade for safely serving.

Easily add liquid ingredients to your processing with the drizzle basin. Features a locking blade, a handle, and a pour spout that makes it easy to serve. The durable stainless steel blade features a lock that makes for simple pouring.

It offers 2 speeds, pulse operation which allows you to finely chop or puree ingredients by hand, dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleanup, and a stainless steel blade so that your food will always cut evenly without any binding problems.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3.5-Cup Bowl for delicious recipes
  • Sturdy, dishwashing safe work bowl with pour spout
  • The sleek design is compact and lightweight
  • Drizzle basin for easy addition of liquid ingredients
  • The locking blade is safe for children to use
  • 2 speeds and pulse operation for all your chopping needs

5. BLACK+DECKER HC150B One-Touch Electric Food Chopper, 1.5-Cup Capacity

The BLACK+DECKER HC150B One-Touch Electric Kitchen Chopper is an excellent choice for any home chef who wants to prepare small amounts of dip, salsa, pesto, dates, and more.

Equipped with stainless steel chopping blades and dishwasher-safe bowl removable parts that are easy to remove, this food processor is the right choice for anybody looking for chopping dates.

The 1.5 cup capacity gives you plenty of room without overwhelming your space or kitchen countertop. Plus the addition of oil holes on the side allows you to add just enough dressing as you mix which ensures less mess and an easier cleanup process.

The BLACK+DECKER HC150B is equipped with a powerful 70-watt motor that can easily chop, mince, and slice vegetables. Pulse control activates a bi-level blade to chop food with ease.

And by using one touch of buttons you will quickly create your favorite dishes with this food processor. It is so quick and easy to use, you will wonder where it has been all your life.

Highlighted Features:

  • One-touch of the pulse control activates
  • 1.5 Cup Capacity
  • The blade is made from stainless steel with a bi-level design
  • Perfect for serving dips, salsa, pesto, and more
  • While mixing, drizzle oil into the hummus and vinaigrette
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts make cleanup easy

6. Zyliss E910015U Hand Held Manual Food Processor

Zyliss is a household name in the food processing industry and they have been around for over 60 years.

One of their newest products, the Zyliss Hand Held Manual Food Processor has a Swiss-designed blade that chops even the toughest foods, such as carrots and hard vegetables, as well as chopping dates.

The blade can be easily removed from its cover so you can clean it without using harsh detergents or machine washes.

However, you want to use caution when removing it because if not done quickly, this could potentially cause safety concerns with blades flying all over your kitchen.

It also has two booster arms on top that keep your food from sticking together while being sliced or chopped by either one or both of the dual blades below, which rotate in opposite directions improving efficiency.

The blades are also acid etched so you can cut easily even the toughest of whole fruits and vegetables. There's a large capacity bowl, which is great for family dinners or if you're just making something by yourself.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use
  • 25 oz bowl, top-rack dishwasher secure with non-skid feet
  • Handle folds up for compact storage
  • Two blades that chop different sides of the food
  • Acid-etched blades on top and below at the same time

7. Kitchen Selectives MC-6BL Mini Chopper, Black, 2 cups

The Kitchen Selectives MC-6BL Mini Chopper is a compact and versatile tool. It does not require much counter space and has the same power as larger choppers, but because of its design, it lends itself to fit nicely on any kitchen countertop.

The one-touch food processor operation easily lets you decide how many pulses you want to use without having to manually do anything else like turn it off or change the blade-like other options.

Detachable bowls let you chop dates, fruits, and vegetables by themselves during cooking without getting your counters all messy, and the stainless steel blades are surprisingly durable with easy cleanup.

So that you can spend less time cleaning up after yourself even though this is a very light-duty chopping dates machine. The safety features include a lid with a safe locking mechanism, as well as non-skid rubber feet that don't allow it to move around while you work.

With a safety locking lid, stainless steel blades, and BPA-free parts, the Kitchen Selectives Mini Chopper is a quality option.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great for singles or couples with limited counter space
  • Pulse the chopper in various ways with one-touch
  • The detachable bowls make cleaning up a breeze
  • Rubber feet keep the machine from moving.

Each of these food processors is perfect for chopping dates and other types of food. They all serve different purposes, so it depends on what you plan on using one for, and if you need multiples.

What to Look For When Selecting a Food Processor?

How to select the best food processors

Chopping dates is a very common use for a food processor. And while they come in all shapes and sizes, there are a few things to consider when buying one.


Chop dates can be very tough on a meals processor. A common mistake people make is buying the cheapest model, and quickly finding out that it doesn't work properly with tough ingredients like dates.

So make sure you buy one with enough power to chop through your hard vegetables or fruits of choice without a problem.

Blades & Discs

The blades and discs of your processor must be sharp, regardless of how much power your processor has. These tend to dull over time, so don't hesitate to think about buying a new set when you need them.

Work Bowl

Small Work bowl

The work bowl is the container that holds the food your appliance will be chopping, slicing, or cutting. It's important to note whether it comes with a lid and whether or not the blades are stored in the bowl when it's not being used.

Some models come with lids, while others don't which can make storage more difficult.

Container size

It's important to consider how much food you need your machine to process at one time. If you purchase a small unit with limited capacity, this could cause inconvenience when working with large quantities of food.


Controls the cup food processor

Make sure to look at the controls on a machine so you can decide if it's simple to use or not. Some brands have confusing features, while others are very easy to figure out without instructions.

Disassembling and Cleaning

You'll need to know how difficult it is to disassemble and clean the machine once you use it. Most food processors come with bowl or blade attachments that can be removed while others are permanently attached.


Safety features are also essential to look for in a food processor. These can include a safety locking lid so the machine doesn't accidentally start while you're working with it, as well as rubber feet or non-skid surfaces to prevent any slipping or sliding.


The value of a food processor depends on how much you plan on using it. If you only need one for basic chopping or slicing, then spend less money. But if you want one with more power and multiple functions, this will cost more.

No matter what type of appliance you're looking for, keep these features in mind when buying the most reliable one.

Types of Food Processors

Food type mini processor

You can purchase cordless, corded, or hand-operated processors. There are three types of them based on their size:

Massive Food Processors

If you're looking for one with tons of power, an industrial food processor is the best option. These are much larger machines that are designed to work with large quantities of large foods or ingredients that need chopping, slicing, or cutting.

Medium Food Processors

Medium-sized ones are also great for chopping dates and other foods, but they don't have quite as much power or storage space. They tend to be a bit more affordable while still being very functional.

Mini Food Processors / Mini Choppers

These types of processors can vary in size and quality, so it's important to look at the features they offer.

They are perfect for chop dates or other smaller dishes without effort, but make sure you read top food processor reviews on specific brands before purchasing one.

How to Chop Dates with the Best Food Processors?

There are a few step-by-step instructions for using a food processor to chop your dates:

Step 01: Peel the Dates

Peel the dates with a micro serrated blade

Start by peeling the dates. If they are pitted, this is easy to do. If not, you may have to use a paring knife to cut around each pit working your way in until you can scoop it out with a small spoon.

Step 02: Remove Any Stems

Next, remove the stems if your dates still have them attached. Again, some brands are pitted with the stems already removed so you don't have to worry about this step.

Step 03: Place Dates in Food Processor

Place your dates inside the bowl of the chopper and let it run for several seconds until small bits remain. Stop periodically to push down any stuck pieces of dates that may be in the processor's blade.

Step 04: Process for Longer If Needed

If you prefer to have your dates chopped into smaller pieces, simply process them for longer until you achieve the desired consistency.

Step 05: Remove and Serve

Once the desired consistency is reached, you can remove your sliced dates from your processor and enjoy.


Now we will tell you what you are already thinking about food processor chopping dates:

1. Is It Possible to Make Smoothies in a Food Processor?

Answer: Absolutely! This is just one of the many uses for a processor. It is especially great when you want to make a smoothie without having to use a blender, which can sometimes leave chunks of ice or fruit in the drink.

2. Is It Possible to Use a Blender As a Food Processor?

Answer: Sure, there are a lot of amazing blenders that can be used as processors too. However, just because your blender may have the word "food processor" in its name does not mean it's a multi-functional machine.

Before deciding to buy a blender for this purpose, make sure you read through all product descriptions and features carefully.

3. What do You do to Avoid Dates Sticking Together?

Answer: Getting the dates to stick together can be a pain no matter if you're chopping them or simply trying to remove them from their packaging.

Make sure they are as dry as possible before placing them inside your processor, and always check that there is no moisture on your blades or container. Dry dates will chop much easier than those with any type of moisture on them.

4. How Do I Choose the Best Date for Baking?

Answer: If you're planning on baking with your choppable dates, keep in mind that the darker the color of the date is, the sweeter it will be. This is because they usually contain more sugar than lighter-colored ones do.

5. How Do I Store Chopped Dates?

Keeping Chopped Dates Safe chop dates

Answer: Properly storing your chopped dates is very important for keeping them fresh.

Place your diced dates in either an airtight container or a large Ziploc bag, making sure they are tightly packed inside. Date pieces should all be touching each other and the air should be squeezed out before sealing the bag or container.


It is very important to identify the most important features of a good food processor with chopping dates so that you can pick out the best one for you.

Companies may vary in terms of the quality and features they offer, so do your research for the best affordable food processor reviews and see what's available. Hope this article has been helpful in your search.