Can a Blender Puree Meat : Just Follow 6 Easy Steps

Blenders are must-have appliances for every kitchen, which help to cook easily. They can be used for various purposes, like mixing, crushing, puréeing, or emulsifying food and other substances. Basically, different varieties of blenders work according to their blending purposes.

Just like when it comes to pureeing meat, regular blenders will not work. You will need a high-quality blender designed specifically for puréeing meat. Using the right blender, you can turn meat into a silky consistency. However, keep reading the context to know more about blenders for pureeing meat.

What Does Pureeing Meat Mean?

What Does Pureeing Meat Mean

Pureeing meat means making soft food with lump-free consistency. For children, puréed food must be smooth, with no bumps or lumps. That’s why meat is usually puréed for babies, but adults also enjoy puréed food with a soft and smooth texture. This can be done in a blender, food processor, or food mill. Using a blender is the simplest way to purée meat for homemade baby food.

Can a Blender Puree Meat?

Meat can be puréed through a food processor or grinder, but the easiest way is to use a blender. This is because you will not get much consistent texture on the grinder. On the other hand, the pieces of meat will stick to the blender in the food processor. But blenders will be an effortless and cheapest way to puree meat that helps make perfect puree meat with the proper consistency.

It brings simplicity to the process instead of tangling with the complex machine. However, not all blenders will be perfect for pureeing meat. You will find different blenders that are specially made for pureeing meat. Having a blender for pureeing meat, you can ensure that the meat will puree perfectly with the right texture and smoothness.

How to Puree Meat with a Blender?

Pureeing meat with a blender is not as difficult as you might think. By following the simple steps discussed below, you can easily puree meat.

Step 1: Prepare The Meat

First, you have to take soft or tender parts of the flesh, requiring less time to cook. It is better to avoid taking meat with too many bones. But if you already bought meat with bones, you have to remove the bones so that no bones mix with the puree. In that case, You can slice the meat in such a way that no bones stick to the meat.

Step 2: Cook The Meat

After taking the boneless meat, you have to cook patiently, following the right temperature and methods. The better you cook the meat, the more taste in the purée. You have to boil the meat as per your preference because different types of meat need different temperatures to cook.

Step 3: Let The Meat Get Cool

Once you have cooked the meat properly, you have to let the meat cool down. As you have to put the meat in a blender, it is best to let the meat cool for at least 120 minutes. This is because too much heat or warmth may damage the blender.

Step 4: Cut The Meat into Small Pieces

You must chop the meat into small pieces once it has cooled fully. When you put the small-cut meat into the blender, it will be easy for the blender to make a perfect puree. This way, you can also make the puree powdery texture.

Step 5: Blend The Meat to Make Puree

Now you have to put the meat into your blender. Blend the meat until the meat turns into a powdery texture. At this stage, you can blend the meat according to your desired consistency. You can pour some water into the blender to lessen the meat. For every 1 cup of meat, you need to add 8 cups of liquid. That’s why you can use either water or sodium-free meat broth. Furthermore, you have to be careful about adding excess water.

Step 6: Keep Inside The Refrigerator

After pureeing the meat, store it in the fridge. Make sure the purée is tightly sealed in the box. The purées will be ready to eat after 72 to 96 hours. Before eating, ensure they are heated to the right temperature.

How to Choose The Best Blender for Pureeing Meat? 

How To Choose The Best Blender For Pureeing Meat 

You will find different types of blenders on the market, but not all of them will be ideal for pureeing meat. Here we have discussed some significant factors that will help you choose the best blender for pureeing meat.


Capacity is one of the important considerations when choosing any blender, especially for pureeing meat. Several blender sizes are available; some are too little, while others are large enough to fulfill your demands. A big-capacity blender is required if you have a commercial or large family. However, you should choose a blender that meets your parenting style.


A blender offers different features and functionality. It can be used in versatile tasks, including pureeing meat. You can make baby food with some blenders, whereas others can be used for making perfect smoothies. So, while choosing meat pureeing blender, check how many functions are in it.


For pureeing meat, a blender doesn’t have to be powerful. You’ll need a powerful motor for other tasks, such as chopping and grinding. For such purposes, choosing a blender with a minimum of 200-300 watts of power will be a wise decision.

Speed Settings

The speed at which the blades spin determines how smooth and creamy your puree will be. If you wish to have a creamy consistency to your puree, you will need a blender with a high-speed motor. For that, a blender with multiple speed settings will be an excellent choice for control over consistency and smoothness.


Although the style of a blender doesn’t impact your meat pureeing, getting a portable one will help carry. This is because meat pureeing can be a daily task for some parents. In such situations, a portable blender can easily fit inside any bag and carry it everywhere with the child.


Durability should be another prime consideration when choosing the best blender for pureeing meat. Using a durable appliance will make your task easier while cooking anything. So, you have to choose a heavy-duty blender that will last several years.


Blenders are designed with various features that only serve the purpose of making. So, if you wish to puree meat, a regular blender will not work properly. In that case, you have to choose a blender that is specially designed for pureeing meat. Although most people are confused about that, the confusion may be clear after reading this context.

However, we have also discussed a guideline about using a blender for pureeing meat. You can simply purée meat by following the steps. Besides, if you are still looking to buy a blender, check out the section above. The factors mentioned above will help you to get the best blender.