Best Wood for Rolling Pins Reviews in 2022 [Top 5 Picks]

Rolling out dough is hard, but you don't want to use a rolling pin made of metal because it will scratch your countertop. We all know that using a rolling pin can be difficult and frustrating, especially if the dough keeps sticking to the surface.

Wood for Rolling Pins is commonly used in this situation. To get a quality output and satisfying comfort always choose a best wood for rolling pins, you can fulfill all your requirements.

These pins are made of strong wood that won't rust or splinter, ensuring your dough will look like it was made by a professional. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Therefore, we created this article to give you a hand in choosing the top-rated pins. We have searched all over the internet to bring you an extensive review of five wooden rolling pins.



Editor's Rating


Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

5 out of 5

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Wooden Rolling Pin

5 out of 5

KARRYOUNG Rubberwood French Wooden Rolling Pin

4.5 out of 5

Gifbera Adjustable Wood Rolling Pin

4 out of 5

Muso Beech Wood Rolling Pin

4.5 out of 5

Top 5 Recommended Best Wood for Rolling Pins

When it comes to a rolling pin, there are a lot of options out there. Moreover, all the rolling pins are created equal. With so many choices, it is tough to choose suitable ones for your needs.

We've done all the research for you so that picking out the right rolling pin will be a breeze. We've taken into consideration the size, material type, and other features to come up with our list of the leading rolling pins for you.

1. Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

If you're in the market for a quality rolling pin, look no further than this wood rolling pin. It is moisture-resistant and lightweight because it is made from hardwood, which makes it the perfect kitchen tool for bakers.

The handles are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and control when rolling out dough. It also features a comfortable grip, making it easy to use without tiring your hands. And because this Rolling Pin is made of natural materials, it won’t warp over time.

It features rust-proof nylon bearings that provide an easy and smooth rolling experience. Plus, it's versatile enough to be used for everything from pizza dough to pie crusts to cookies.

A Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin is a great addition to any kitchen. It has clearly marked measurements, which take the guesswork out of cooking and baking. The rolling pin is easy to clean and can be hand-washed with a damp cloth for best results.

It can withstand regular use and has a generously sized roller head that improves coverage. The 360-degree rotatable roller also works in tandem to optimize your experience, making it easier to get the job done. Plus, it's 17.75 inches long so it's the perfect size for any recipe.

So if you're looking for the best overall rolling pin, this model is definitely worth considering.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made from hardwood and moisture-resistant quality
  • Features ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip
  • Features rust-proof nylon bearings for a smooth experience
  • Can be used for a variety of cooking and baking tasks
  • Has clearly marked measurements
  • Can be hand-washed with a damp cloth
  • 360-degree rotatable roller

2. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Wooden Rolling Pin

If you are looking for a colorful rolling pin to add flair to your kitchen, you can consider getting the wooden rolling pin by Joseph Joseph. The disc comes with 4 colorful rolling pins. Plus, the blue color is so pretty and makes everything look cheerful.

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Wooden Rolling Pin is for those who want their dough to be even and flat. The rolling pin has removable discs of varying thickness. Once the dough reaches the desired width, the user can remove a disc.

It is a great kitchen tool for many cooking and baking tasks. Use it to roll dough for your favorite pies, tartlets, cookies, and more. The roller easily adjusts from 13.6" in length without the rings to 17" with the rings.

Even a pizza cutter can be used with it. This is an adjustable wooden rolling pin made of solid beech wood. The rings etched with measurements can be adjusted to fit any size dough, and the screws hold the rings in place so they don't move around.

It's easy to wash by hand, and it's a great tool for bakers of all levels.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wooden rolling pin comes with 4 colorful pins
  • The rolling pin has removable discs of varying thickness
  • Roller length is 13.6 inches without the rings
  • Suitable for pies, tartlets, cookies, and more
  • Wooden rolling pin is made of solid beech wood
  • The rings are etched with measurements
  • 16-Inch pin is easy to wash by hand

3. KARRYOUNG Rubberwood French Wooden Rolling Pin

Wooden rolling pins are an essential part of any baker's equipment. If you are looking for a perfect sized wooden rolling pin, then look no further than this French rolling pin. With a length of 17 inches, it is an essential kitchen tool.

It is built from solid rubber wood so that you can use it for a long time. This rolling pin is appropriate to sustain daily, tough use in the home and restaurants.

The KARRYOUNG Rubberwood French Wooden Rolling Pin has a classic and timeless design that makes it look so elegant. Anyone who sees it will admire it. You can use silicone baking mats for this type of roller because they're easy to clean without ruining them.

It would also be ideal to use this wooden rolling pin with granite or marble countertops because they are easy to clean. You can use it for pizza dough, braids, cookies, fondant, and more. The rolling pin is perfect for making dough because of its size.

With the tapered design, you can roll the dough more easily with less effort while maintaining better control. This rolling pin has a smooth surface so there are no crevices where your mixture can get stuck.

It is easy to work with the mixture due to the non-stick surface since it does not stick to the rolling pin. You can easily restore the wood finish by wiping it with mineral oil.

The tapered design ensures that fondant, pie crust, cookies, pastries and dough are rolled evenly to give them a professional look.

Highlighted Features:

  • It measures 17 inches in length
  • Made of durable rubber wood
  • Perfect size for most rolling needs
  • Classic and timeless design
  • Easily cleanable without ruining the baking mats
  • Easy to clean with granite or marble countertops
  • Can restore the finish by wiping it with mineral oil

4. Gifbera Adjustable Wood Rolling Pin

Gifbera is a well-known brand in the cooking and baking world. They make a lot of lovely and useful products, and one of them is an adjustable rolling pin.

The rolling pin was designed with the use of durable Beechwood as well as platinum-grade silicone (BPA-free). It will glide right through all kinds of dough preparation without the need to measure or worry about sticking to your work surface.

You can use it without worrying about metal. They are perfect for anything from pasta to desserts and cookies.

It is a new adjustable rolling pin which can be adjusted to suit your requirements. The product also features dishwasher safe materials, making it easy to clean.

There are four different rings that you can put on this pin. The 10mm ring is for high-rising dough, the 7mm ring is for thin cookies, the 5mm ring is for pie crusts and pastry garnishes, and the 2mm ring is for finishing touches on sugar cookies.

The Gifbera Adjustable Wood Rolling Pin is perfect for any baker looking to get precise measurements when rolling out dough. The built-in measurement markers make it easy to get the exact length and width you need without using extra rulers or pastry boards.

You have to deal with the wood material of the rolling pin in a certain way, but most people shouldn't have a problem with it. It can be washed with soapy water and towel off after cleaning, air dried, and given a little love every now and then.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of durable beech wood
  • The pin is platinum grade and BPA free
  • New and unique adjustable rolling pin
  • Dishwasher safe materials for easy cleaning
  • Four different rings with different thicknesses
  • Has built-in measurement markers

5. Muso Beech Wood Rolling Pin

When looking for a rolling pin, you can't avoid the brand "Muso." They are very popular, and the "French rolling pin" is one of their top items.

This beech wood rolling pin is perfect for anyone who loves to bake. The tapered ends make it easy to roll out dough, and the wood will not harbor bacteria or fungus. It's also totally safe to use, so you can feel confident that your food will be contamination-free.

You'll love this french style rolling pin because it feels smooth and doesn't stick to the mixture. It's easy to clean and looks nice in the kitchen.

Compared to other rolling pins, these French rolling pins are great. The thickness of the corn dough can easily be changed without adjusting the guide ring, making it great for making pizza dough, bread, cookies, fondant, pies, and more.

The Muso Beech Wood Rolling Pin has been polished completely to produce a fine surface. With a length of 15.7 inches, it is easy to store in the kitchen as well as being safe for use as it has no sharp edges or burrs.

Keep French pin out of the microwave, dishwasher, and do not soak, or expose it to the sun directly. You should keep the French rolling pin in a dry place. It is better to keep it near a fire or hot object.

This is the list of the best rolling pins on the market. They offer value for your money and will not disappoint you. So if you are looking for a great rolling pin, don't look any further. You won't regret investing in one of these.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Wood Rolling Pins

Factors to consider when rolling pie dough

Whether you're a beginner or committed baker, having the right cooking tools is essential to creating great-tasting baked goods.

That's why it's important to choose high-quality wood rolling pins when you're ready to add this kitchen essential to your collection. There are a few factors to consider when making your decision, so read on for my top tips.

Types of Wood:

There are many types of wood that manufacturers use to make rolling pins, so be sure to choose one that fits your needs. It may be worth investing in a professional roller made from hardwood if you’re baking regularly. These tend to be stronger and less easy to break than other woods.

Beech Solid Wood:

Beech solid wood rolling pins are a great choice because they're strong, durable, and have a nice weight.

Beech wood also tends to be less expensive than other types of hardwood. It's smooth, making it easy to slide dough under the roller, and gives baked goods a beautiful appearance. If you're looking for the best rolling pin that will give your baked goods an elegant touch, then this type of rolling pin is the right choice for you.


If you're a baker who specializes in bread, then it's worth investing in a wood rolling pin made from hardwood. This type of roller is ideal for dealing with tough dough that requires a lot of force to mix and shape, so it's great for making crusts as well as other baked goods.

As the name suggests, these are the most durable types of rolling pins you can buy because they have been carefully manufactured from straight grained wood. If you need something strong to handle heavy-duty baking tasks, then this type of roller will be perfect for your needs.


roll dough

Rubberwood rolling pins are increasingly popular because they're durable and affordable. They are also eco-friendly, so they're great for the planet as well as your kitchen. This type of wood has a nice weight for its size, making it great for everyday use.

Solid Maple Wood:

Solid maple wood rolling pins are a popular choice because they have a natural appearance and feel smooth when you're sliding them over dough.

Maple wood doesn't cause warping or splitting in your roller. These types of pins aren't good for soft flaky doughs that are sensitive to pressure, but they're ideal for working with quickly-made bread dough.


Oak wood rolling pins are quite popular because they're sturdy and have just enough weight to them without being too heavy. Like beech, they aren't as pricey as other types of pins, so it's a great investment for beginners.

They are perfect for crusts, cookies, and quick breads. It's tough enough to make short work of any recipe, whether it's dense or delicate. This type of wood is also very versatile, so your rolling pin can double as a pastry cutter for delicate doughs.


If you need to roll out pastry or cookie dough that's on the larger side, then you'll want to invest in the best rolling pins that are at least 15 inches long. However, smaller pins will be just fine if you're only baking small batches of cookies during the holidays or working with delicate doughs like pie crusts and biscuits.


Rolling pin shapes vary greatly by manufacturer and design. You can choose from ones that are barrel-shaped, rectangle shaped or even one with a combo of cylindrical and rectangular components. There's no right or wrong choice when it comes to shape. Some people even prefer the look and feel of a handmade rolling pin over a perfectly crafted one.

If you're making cookies that tend to stick to the roller, then you should choose a rolling pin that has handles. These models are known as "cookie" or "tapered" pins and they're ideal for working with delicate doughs because they'll protect your palms from being scraped by cookie cutters.

Interchangeable Handle:

If you want to invest in multiple types of rolling pins for all your baking needs, you may want to choose one with interchangeable components. Getting a rolling pin with removable handles is ideal for people who enjoy making pastries and breads at different times of the year.

Comfort Grip:

Wood Comfort Grip classic

If you plan on rolling out lots of dough, then comfort is key. There are many handles that have a smooth grip which will provide you with the best results when doing this arduous task.

You will also find that many rolling pins have no handles. Handleless pins can be better for certain uses, such as making sugar paste or marzipan.

Smooth Operation:

The best rolling pins should roll out dough easily and quickly without sticking to it or ripping it apart. The more gears there are in your rolling pin, the greater the chances of it being a smooth operator.


Generally, the best rolling pin must be extremely durable, and this is mainly due to the materials that make up the product. The handle and shaft should be made of hardwood, which will last for a long time, ensuring it doesn't break when you go to use it during baking.


The best rolling pins are rust-resistant and made from materials that won't corrode over time - a major frustration for bakers. You want a smooth surface so clean lines result when rolling out your stiff dough. If they're not smooth, you run the risk of small pieces breaking off and getting in your food (a BIG no-no when baking), and it's also a lot harder to roll out your cookie dough evenly.

Moisture Resistant:

In order to be the best rolling pins, your wood should be moisture resistant. This will ensure it does not warp or bend from water splashed on it. Furthermore, you can clean them without having to worry about damage.

Versatile Use:

The best rolling pins can accommodate a variety of uses, such as rolling out sweet and savory pastry doughs, fondant, sugar paste, and marzipan. The rolling pattern should be versatile, so it's suitable for various tasks.


1. How to Season a Wooden Rolling Pin?

unlike wood

Seasoning a rolling pin involves coating it in oil and letting it sit for a few days to prevent it from becoming dry. The oil will soak into the wood, so wiping it clean before using is essential.

The type of oil you use is up to you, but some common suggestions include butcher block oil, vegetable or olive oil, or even mineral oil if you want to go with a product that isn't as natural.

You can also use melted beeswax, which is another popular option. Place the rolling pin in a bowl and pour hot melted beeswax over it until you have an even coating of wax all around. Then let the wax dry and harden completely before wiping it away.

Once it's seasoned, the rolling pin should be stored in a cool dry place when it isn't being used.

2. Which is Better: Wood or Marble Rolling Pin?

Choosing between a wood or marble rolling pin really comes down to preference since both options bake food well and have their own benefits.

Most rolling pins are made out of wood, which has the advantage of being lightweight and easy to clean.

With a wooden rolling pin, you can expect a smooth finish that will help your delicate dough slide right off the pin and into the pan with minimal effort. They're also more affordable than marble pins.

A marble rolling pin is heavier than a wood rolling pin, so it may be more difficult for beginners to use. The weight of the roller would give you great control of your dough while making it easy to roll out a large sheet of dough.

3. Which is Better: French or American Rolling Pin?

French pins are easier to use and more efficient than other kinds of rolling pins. The tapered ends enable you to roll out dough evenly as well as help form a crust on your pastry as you roll over it.

Since the edges of the French style are smooth, it is easier to release the dough from them compared to their American wooden counterparts. Their smaller length makes handling and cleaning them easily and requires less energy to use.

Since American pins do not have edges, the user is required to exert more pressure and effort in order to roll out sheets of pastry dough. You might also end up with a less-than-desirable finish on your baked goods.

4. Can You Put a Wooden Rolling Pin in the Dishwasher?

No, you should not put a wooden rolling pin in the dishwasher as it would damage the wood. To clean your rolling pin, hand wash them with warm water and soap or use a light brush or damp cloth to remove any stubborn crumbs. After cleaning, dry them immediately to prevent the wood from warping.


Rolling out dough can be a lot of fun if you use the best wood for rolling pins. They reduce the amount of work required while providing even surfaces that allow the delicate to slide off with ease.

Moreover, wooden rolling pins are also lighter than marble, so they're easier to hold and more comfortable on your hands during use. With proper care, wooden pins will remain in good condition for a long time, but you should always carry out regular inspections for signs of damage.

Now that you have the information from the article, you can choose a good rolling pin. We hope this list helps you pick out your ideal rolling pin so you can start baking projects whatever pastries take your fancy.