Best Electric Oven for Baking Reviews 2022: Our Top 10 Picks

For those who love cooking and doing experiments with recipes, whether it's regularly or occasionally, an oven is one of your crucial kitchen purchases.

Even if you love making cakes, pizzas, cookies; getting the best electric oven for baking will further enhance your cooking skill significantly.

It is always satisfying to be able to cook your favorite items, whether it’s a pizza or cake or something that requires more cooking skills. A good oven enhances your cooking experience, and also gets you warm compliments from friends and family.

For this reason, I have come up with the top 10 electric ovens to help you decide which one to buy.



Editor's Rating


Breville BOV800XL

5 out of 5


5 out of 5

Panasonic FlashXpress NB-G110P

4.5 out of 5

Oster Toaster Oven

4 out of 5

Toaster Oven 4 Slice

4.5 out of 5

Best Electric Oven for Baking Reviews

The products are listed based on their popularity, functions, features, durability, and user rating.

1. Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800 Watt

Breville is a well-known kitchen appliances manufacturer that implements its innovative design with attractive features to make each product work perfectly for you.

This electric oven from Breville ensures you the perfect baking every time you attempt to make food for you and your family. With its 10 cooking functions, you can take your baking skills to a whole new level, which people will admire without a doubt.

Heating the food isn’t enough to get the perfect meal. The oven features a smart iQ heating system that transfers heat to provide you with more perfect results. Your ingredients inside the oven get precise and stable temperature – coming out as expected every time.

When you want to preheat something, its super-fast 1800W preheat setting will make the food hot enough using much less time. So, there is no long time waiting in the chair once your kitchen has it.

The oven also features an LCD display that allows you to see and select smart functions more precisely. You can easily choose your desired cooking function from 10 presets. It also shows the temperature and estimated cooking time, which is super-convenient.

Not each and every meal is made perfect when you go with regular cooking time. Some items require more time than usual to make the perfect flavor. Breville seems to understand the fact well. Its slow cooking function allows you to cook meals that require more time to get you the satisfying taste.

When you open the door, the interior oven light turns on automatically so that you can see what is going on inside. You have the option to turn on and off the light for convenience.

There is an inbuilt fan to circulate hot air inside the oven that also helps to heat it even faster than usual.

Highlighted Features:
  • Smart IQ Heating System
  • 10 Convenient Cooking Functions
  • LCD Display
  • Interior Light
  • Slow Cooking Function
  • Precise And Stable Heating

2. Black+Decker Countertop Convection Toaster, Oven

Black+Decker is a trustworthy name for manufacturing a wide variety of household appliances and devices. It offers great functionality, which is pretty easy to use regardless of your cooking skills.

This one is able to prepare your foods with much less time than most conventional ovens. The convection heating fan circulates hot air that helps to reduce cooking time significantly. You can impress your guests by preparing a flavor-dense meal within a concise time when you have this best oven for baking.

Its super-convenient 8 cooking functions will bring professional flavor and taste to your foods. The presets are precise enough to provide the perfect heat for various types of items you want to cook.

To prevent ruining your food and for safety purposes, the oven features a 120-minute timer that automatically turns the machine off after the preset time. This feature comes very handy when you put all the ingredients inside the oven and go out for hours. And as soon as you return to the house, you can enjoy a tasty meal.

The size of this oven fits perfectly on most kitchen countertops. Due to its curved interior design, there is always enough room for 12-inches pizzas, whole chicken, casserole dishes, 6-slices of bread, and more. You can prepare enough amount of food to eliminate the hunger of a mid-size family without much issue.

To meet different cooking requirements, its dual position rack offers enough space for placing foods under the broiler. Its versatile high and low oven rack positions bring excellent results on different types of foods.

Highlighted Features:
  • Convection Heat Fan To Circulate Warm Air For Cooking Faster
  • Easy To Use Buttons
  • 8 Cooking Functions
  • 120-Minute Timer With Auto Turn Off
  • Enough Space For Holding Foods

3. Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven

Who doesn't know the quality of Panasonic home-appliances? This is one of their ovens that come with double infrared heating to provide you with the best possible foods depending on your cooking skills. You can bake, toast, defrost, brown, and reheat a wide variety of frozen or fresh meals in this one.

Its super-efficient heat from ceramic elements and two quartz allow you to cook foods thoroughly that increase taste and flavor. Whether it's toasting, baking, browning, or reheating, you get perfectly cooked meals always.

The front infrared heating element takes care of the outside layer of the food; on the flip side, the back element supplies heat evenly inside the food, which results in great-tasting meals.

As the machine is a Japanese made oven, you are assured about the quality of this product. You can microwave your foods and even cook rice in this oven. So, you are getting a multi-purpose oven that can bake as well as cook rice and similar meals that bring great value for your money.

The unit comes with 6 auto cook menus that you will find super-convenient, especially if your cooking skill is at the beginner level. Its precise temperature control allows you to set the accurate temperature needed for preparing meals as you like.

You will be able to safely pull the baking rack as it’s connected to a see-through door. Turning, stirring, and removing the foods were never so easy before.

No matter what accent your kitchen décor has, the design of the oven will easily suit the countertop.

Highlighted Features:
  • Convenient Double Infrared Heat
  • 6 Presets For Easy Cooking
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • See-Through Door With Interior Light
  • Clean Compact Design

4. Oster Toaster Digital Convection Oven

Due to the top-notch performance and durability, Oster ovens are well-known among both professional and non-professional cookers. If you are looking for the best oven for baking, look no further. It’s one of the best on the list.

This oven from Oster features convection technology that circulates hot air to make crispier edges, flakier crusts, and browning within a very short period.

Apart from baking in this electric oven, you can easily experiment with your broiling, toasting, roasting, and many more recipes. It ensures proper browning and melting of the foods regardless of the temperature.

The unit got a user-friendly digital control panel that is super-easy to operate, whether it's you or any of the senior citizens in the family.

It comes with 7 cooking presets to make your cooking time more fun. Whether you are about to bake a cake, pizza, toast, or warm something, it got everything you need to make the meal delicious.

You have the option to adjust the temperature as per the meals require. The oven offers you a wide range of temperatures to go with from 150 to 450°F.

It got an interior light that allows you to monitor the foods inside. You can set a timer for a maximum of 90 minutes; after that, the oven will automatically turn off.

So, you can put your food inside and set the timer and go out for a walk or anything you like. And after you return into the house, you will find your meal is prepared to be served.

The unit got a black stainless steel polish that looks pretty sleek, and will easily go with your kitchen décor no matter what it is. This oven is large enough to accommodate a 12-inches pizza, whole chicken to roast, 6 slices of bread without much trouble.

You will get a washable removable crumb tray and a durable baking pan inside the package.

Highlighted Features:
  • Convection Technology Reduces Heating Time Significantly
  • 7 Cooking Presets
  • A Wide Range Of Temperature Adjustments
  • Large Interior Space With Light
  • Easy To Operate
  • 90-Minutes Timer With Auto Shut Off

5. Hamilton Beach 31127D Bake Pan Countertop Toaster Oven

Hamilton is one of those brands that do in-depth research before manufacturing a product so that the customers don’t regret after buying and get great value for their purchase. You can put your trust in this Hamilton electric oven to make cooking more easy and fun.

If you are looking for an electric oven primarily for making snacks, toasts, and meals for a mid-size family, it will surely be worth spending your money in. The interesting part is, unlike most conventional ovens, this one isn’t that complicated to operate. Anyone can prepare meals using the cooker regardless of the skills.

You will fall for how convenient this oven is. When you open the door, it moves up and clears the way to the tray so that you can have safe and easy access to the food you prepared. You can even sprinkle cheese and make all necessary modifications while it's still baking.

In addition to that, when the meal is prepared, you can easily move the food directly onto the serving plate with ease. Moving the food was never so easy before.

Even if you buy a high-end oven, you are most likely to take the hassle of cleaning after you take out the foods. This one takes care of that trouble. As the door is designed to go up, you will not find foods on it. All you need is to remove the crumb tray and wash it.

The unit features a 30-minute timer that turns off automatically, or you can set it to stay awake at low heat. It's a very convenient feature to have for those who need to keep themselves busy in other works continuously. Once you are done working, you will find that the meal is ready to eat.

It easily manages to fit a 12-inches pizza, a standard size bake pan, and 6 slices of toast. So, it has enough space to prepare a meal for a small-sized family.

Highlighted Features:
  • Easy And Safe Access To Food
  • Door Goes Up And Causes Less Mess
  • Enough Space Inside The Oven
  • Cooks A Wide Variety Of Foods
  • 30-Minutes Timer With Auto Shut-Off

6. Calphalon TSCLTRDG1 Quartz Heat Countertop Toaster Oven

Numbers of people prefer getting an oven just to heat and preheat their meals faster so that they don't have to wait. With this oven from Calphalon, you are assured that it will serve your foods much quicker than usual.

The oven features a quartz heating element that provides 40 times more heat and prepares your meals faster than usual. If you previously have used a conventional oven, you will surely notice the difference.

With this one, you will have 11 preset cooking functions that will further enhance your cooking skills. Whether you want to bake pizza, cookies, or make toast, preparing all your favorite meals and snacks require just pressing buttons.

Pretty much all ovens these days come with an LCD display. But not each and every oven come with a high contrast LCD display like this one. The display is bright and sharp, and pretty delighted to watch.

In addition to that, there is a built-in interior light to make it easy for you to check the progress inside. If any modification is required, you can see the condition and take initiatives to add additional ingredients to it.

The design of this electric oven is absolutely sleek. It got dark stainless steel along with metal construction that assures you of its longevity. No matter what decor your kitchen room got, this elegant looking oven will easily suit there.

If extra-large capacity is your demand, this oven got you covered. There is enough space inside to accommodate a large size pizza, whole chicken, and 6 slices of bread.

Highlighted Features:
  • Quartz Heating To Heat The Foods Faster
  • 11 Cooking Functions
  • High Contrast LCD With Interior Light
  • Large Capacity
  • Sleek Stainless Steel Construction

7. Mueller Austria Multi-Function Oven

This multi-purpose electric oven from Mueller Austria offers pretty much everything that you need to improve your cooking skills from the beginner level. As it comes with 3 preset cooking functions, you can conveniently toast, bake, and broil foods within a short time.

With a wide range of temperature settings from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, this oven allows you to cook efficiently. Due to its natural convection system, it circulates hot air to prepare your meal faster while ensuring it’s properly cooked.

If you decide to prepare a meal using this oven while going out for more or less than half an hour, you will find its 30-minutes timer very handy. It precisely provides toast settings, and you can even decide to put it on stay-on function as per the requirements.

Inside the oven, you can easily bake a 9-inches pizza or anything similar to this size. Although the capacity isn't the largest, it presents perfectly cooked meals every time. In addition to that, it got a dual position rack so you can place foods on both the upper and lower rack for convenience.

You can reheat your meals 30% faster, which contributes to less energy consumption as well.

The stainless steel material ensures the durability and longevity of the unit. Even if you accidentally spill some water on it, there will be no rust and corrosion whatsoever.

Highlighted Features:
  • Wide Range Of Temperature Settings
  • 4 Cooking Presets
  • Natural Hot Air Circulation
  • 30-Minutes Timer
  • Removable Crumb Tray Is Easy To Clean
  • Energy Efficient
  • Stainless Steel Construction

8. Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer, Rotisserie, Dehydrator, Convection Oven

If you are looking for an even smarter multi-purpose oven, this one would be worth considering. When you look at it, the innovative design attracts you the most. This oven does more things than how it looks.

You can use it as an air fryer, dehydrator, and of course, as an oven too. Whenever you want to have something crispy and tasty, it provides you perfectly fried, roasted, and dehydrated meals every time. It requires 98% less oil to offer you nice and crispy fried foods.

Ovens are popular among people for taking less time to heat and make foods. This one increases its reputation even further. Cooking will become much faster once you have the air fryer oven.

Whether you are an expert at cooking or cook occasionally, its 8 preset cooking function will come handy to prepare various types of meals and snacks for you and the family. The temperature is adjustable between 90 to 400°F that ensures the food is evenly cooked, whether it's roasting, frying, baking, or dehydrating.

Its innovative design is teamed up with a user-friendly capacitive touch screen display. You can easily operate the oven regardless of your technical skills.

The unit comes with a 6-liter capacity that is more than enough to prepare meals for a family, including guests. Also, there are interior lights so that you can monitor what’s happening inside and take initiatives if necessary.

You will get a handful of accessories with the package that will smoothen your cooking experience.

Highlighted Features:
  • 60-Minutes Digital Timer With Auto Shut-Off
  • Large Capacity Of 6 Liters
  • Easy To Read Digital Temperature Control
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Great Looking Design
  • 8 Cooking Functions
  • Great For Frying, Baking, Roasting, And Dehydrating Foods

9. Willsence Toaster Convection Oven

This electric oven from Willsence runs at 1800W that tells you the heating capability of it. To cook more efficiently, it has an inbuilt fan for circulating hot air inside the oven. The convection heating tube ensures that your food is properly heated from all around while taking the least time possible.

You must ensure your oven supplies heat evenly throughout the cooking process. To meet the requirement, the oven features 4 independent stainless steel heating elements that deliver consistent temperature on the foods.

These elements are smart enough to adjust as per different cooking functions to be able to provide heat efficiently.

With its versatile cooking functions, you can further improve your cooking expertise without doing much. It comes with 9 cooking functions that allow you to cook with just a simple touch on the screen.

Whether it’s baking, broiling, toasting, defrosting, reheating, etc. the oven assures you of perfectly cooked foods from all aspects.

If you have a big family, its substantial interior space will be more than enough in most cases. You can comfortably accommodate a 13-inches pizza or 6 slices of bread inside the oven without much trouble.

The oven also features a built-in light bulb that provides enough light so that you can keep an eye on the foods while cooking. It got a non-stick interior wall that is easy to clean with a cloth. There is a crisp and sharp LCD display on the right side of the oven that makes it easy to operate.

With all that being said about the product, it's the best convection oven for baking purposes on the list.

Highlighted Features:
  • 4 IQ Heating Elements At 1600W
  • Efficient Convection System
  • Interior Light
  • Large Capacity; 3 Rack Position
  • 9 Pre-Programed Cooking Functions
  • Easy To Read LCD Display

10. Luby Extra Large Toaster Oven

This electric toaster oven from Luby has the largest capacity than the rest of the products on the list. With the overall 55 liters of space, it easily accommodates 18 slices of bread, 14-inches pizza, 24 cups of muffins, and even roasting a 20 pounds turkey for your family and guests.

Unlike most conventional ovens, the door on this unit doesn't occupy space from the counterpart. The doors open on both sides, which allows you to put and take out the foods with much convenience.

There are dedicated temperature settings for upper and lower racks. The temperature of the upper rack ranges within 400°F; and 300°F for the lower rack. This versatile temperature control allows you to prepare different types of meals at a time that requires a different temperature to be cooked properly.

Also, you get a 60-minutes timer setting with auto shut-off functionality that comes super-convenient if you are always busy doing productive tasks. Once the meal is prepared, the bell will alert you. It also keeps the food warm for a long time as well.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly this oven manages to reheat or heat foods. With its 4 heating tubes, you can heat your foods faster than most conventional ovens out here.

The convection heating element in this unit will serve you perfectly cooked meal every time, whether its baked pizza, broiled or roast turkey, cookies, bread, and more.

If you regularly host parties or have a large family, this can be one of the best ovens for baking purposes.

Highlighted Features:
  • 55-Liters Large Space With 3 Racks
  • Convenient French Door Design
  • Precise Temperature Control For The Upper And Lower Rack
  • 60-Minutes Timer With Auto Shut Off
  • Rapid Heating
  • Perfect For A Large Family

Full 20 Steps Buying Guide on Electric Oven for Baking

Electric ovens come with various functionalities and features. If you are not familiar with them, it’s most likely that you would end up buying one that will not fulfill your cooking requirements. To make sure you get the right oven, these are the key aspects to consider while buying.

Full 20 Steps Buying Guide on Electric Oven for Baking

1. Size

The very first thing that you need to take into account is the size. There are ovens of various sizes. Depending on the family size and cooking requirements, you need to select one that brings great value to the family.

Similarly, if you have to prepare foods for the guests frequently and need to prepare different types of foods at a time, you must consider the size carefully.

A. Single Sized Ovens

These are the most common type that is widely available. This type allows you to cook without much temperature control setting. If your kitchen countertop doesn't have that much space, you can easily fit a single oven without any issue.

These ovens are reliable as well. If you are staying as a single or have a small family, a single sized oven will bring great value for the money.

B. Double Sized Ovens

On the other hand, these ovens have an enormous capacity to meet the cooking requirements of large families. There are multiple racks to cook two or three different types of foods at a time. You can also control the temperature settings depending on the foods.

If you have a large family or have to host parties more often, this type is the one you need to go after.

2. Mounting

There are various types of ovens, depending on the mounting type.

best convection oven for baking

A. Wall-Mounted

Wall-mounted ovens are great for providing enough cooking space. You can effortlessly get the food in and out from it. This type doesn’t require you to bend down on your knees.

However, wall ovens require more space in the kitchen room. You will need two different cooking areas to be able to cook without hassle. If you try to fit one of these ovens in a smaller kitchen, it will be difficult to manage space for other appliances there.

B. Slide-in

If there is a dedicated spot for placing an oven in your kitchen, you can consider getting a slide-in oven. There will be no need to compromise the space of other appliances. The thing is, the spot needs to be correctly sized, or it will cause further problems.

C. Drop-in

These types of ovens only suit kitchen rooms that are designed to accommodate drop-in ovens. Once you place one of these ovens, it will add a seamless and modern appearance to the kitchen, along with cabinets and countertop.

D. Freestanding

Freestanding ovens are popular among numbers of users due to the easy placement advantage. You can place a freestanding oven pretty much anywhere in the kitchen. All you need is a power outlet and correct hook-ups. Compared to wall ovens, this type costs way less.

One of the advantages of this type of oven is that there is a cooktop that can be convenient for kitchens where there is limited space for cooktop. These industrial looking ovens will add elegance to your kitchen without a doubt. So, for this reason, this type is considered as the best countertop oven for baking.

The drawback is, you need to bend down to be able to access the food. It can be difficult for some individuals as well as dangerous depending on what you are baking.

4. Functions

Electric ovens come with multiple cooking functions. These pre-programmed functions ensure perfect cooking settings for some specific foods. This feature is excellent for those who don't have much time to spend learning about cooking.

best ovens for baking bread

Each preset provides the necessary temperature and settings so that you get perfectly cooked food.

Apart from some regular cooking functions, some additional options further enhance the cooking experience. Some models come with defrost mode, delicate cooking, fast cooking, grilling, etc. presets.

If you manage some time to figure out what the presets are about, sooner you will become an expert at cooking delicious food items.

Different functions such as oven fan, electric grill, microwave, etc. primarily determines how the oven heats up and how the heat is transferred onto the food to cook it correctly and efficiently.

If you come across unknown functions, make sure you do some research about it to see whether it fits your cooking requirements or not.

5. Child Lock

If you have kids in the house, then it's a must-have feature for your oven. These days, pretty much all home electric appliances come with child lock feature. It ensures that your little one doesn't do anything wrong with the device and cannot ruin the food inside the oven.

Also, the kid might try to open the door and burn the hands. Having the child lock feature also prevents such issues from happening.

6. Speed And Electricity Consumption

Ovens have a reputation among users to consume more power than most other small-sized appliances. Gone are those days, newer models are very energy efficient and can provide meals pretty faster.

These days, ovens come with a convection heating system that circulates hot air in the oven and evenly distributes the heat on the food. It also ensures each part of your food is properly cooking and comes with natural taste and flavor. Due to this feature, ovens prepare meals within a relatively short time while using less energy.

Items that require slow cooking such as roast or pie can be done quicker than before.

7. Interior Space and Size

Most baking ovens can accommodate a 13 inches pizza, 6 slices of bread. If you decide to go with less than this standard capacity, most likely, you will limit your serving size. Consider your family size, numbers of guests that visit your house most often, etc. factors.

Most convection countertop and baking ovens offer enough space inside to accommodate foods. However, the toaster ovens provide a bit of small space.

Built-in ovens, on the other hand, have larger space – it's almost twice the size of regular ones.

In our product list, some models have multiple racks so that you can cook different types of foods at a time. If you are to regularly prepare multiple meals and snacks for the family as well as guests, consider getting one that comes with 2 or 3 racks.

8. Power Output

As ovens produce high heat to cook foods, there are high chances of overcooking the food if the power output isn't good.

To prevent such circumstances, make sure the one you are about to get comes with an auto thermostat feature that ensures a constant temperature in the oven to evenly cook the food.

This feature also detects when the food is over-heated and immediately cuts of the power to make sure the food isn't ruined much. As a result, you enjoy well-cooked food regardless of the condition.

9. Timer Settings

Oven Timer Settings

One of the essential features in ovens is the timer. Various recipes require you to cook for a specific time without burning and ruining the flavor. Having a convenient timer setting allows you to set precise time for each food you want to cook.

In addition to that, this feature is very beneficial to those who prefer doing other things while cooking. After a fixed time, the oven automatically shuts off and notifies you about the food.

Some models offer a 90-minutes timer, while most ovens offer a timer setting between 30 to 60 minutes.

10. Temperature Settings

Different meals require to be cooked at a different temperature. The best electric oven for baking comes with adjustable temperature settings, which is super convenient to make various types of foods while maintaining perfection.

Most electric ovens allow you to set temperature within 450°F, while some models go even further than that.

11. Convection Feature

Sometimes the foods remain inappropriately cooked in conventional ovens. This is because the heat cannot reach the food evenly, so some places stay cool, and some places get too hot.

With convectional ovens, you are assured that the heat is evenly distributed in the food. There is a fan inside the chamber that circulates hot air all over the places. In results, you get better tasting food pretty much all the time.

12. Adjustable Trays

Convectional electric ovens have two to three racks inside the chamber. If the trays are adjustable, you can adjust their position depending on your meal size. For chicken, you will need a bit larger space than what is required for baking cookies. So, when you are only roasting a turkey, it will get you more space for convenience.

Having multiple racks allow you to cook more items such as two large pizzas, double the number of cookies and bread that save you both time and electricity bills.

13. Glass Windows

Electric ovens feature see-through glass windows that allow you to monitor the food inside. You don't need to open the door for multiple times. It also makes sure the heat cannot escape from the chamber.

Even if you accidentally touch the glass window, it will not burn your hand, which is great considering the safety issue.

14. Warming Drawer

Not every time you start serving the food once it's prepared. This is when the warming drawer comes handy. It keeps the food warm for a long time until you manage the time to serve it.

15. Storage Drawer

This option allows you to store the food inside a drawer for a long time. It doesn't make your food too hot, and for some meals, it's better to keep it cool instead of too hot.

16. WiFi

best wifi oven

If you want to control your oven smartly and more conveniently using your smartphone, look for an oven with the WiFi feature. It allows you to adjust the temperature and timer as well as monitor the cooking pattern.

And if you find yourself too busy to control by tapping on the screen, you can also voice-command the oven through the app.

17. Delay Bake

This feature makes sure you get perfectly baked cookies or bread or pizza exactly when you want to have it. It's a great feature that doesn't require you to monitor the oven multiple times and delivers your snacks right when you want.

18. Ease of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning dramatically affects the quality of baked foods inside. If the chamber is difficult to clean, it will build grease and smoke that will reduce the food processing quality.

Self-cleaning ovens produce intense heat that turns grime into ashes and wipes away. This feature saves you both time and effort while maintaining the food processing quality.

19. Price

The more you invest, the more feature dense the oven you will get. A high-end oven will come with exciting features that not only deliver excellent tasting foods but also takes a lot of hassle from you as well as saves time.

However, there are some budget-friendly ovens on the list above that come with some convenient features, which provide great value for the money.

20. Warranty

Reputable brands will always provide you excellent warranty policy. They will return the product and send you a new one if anything goes wrong. Otherwise, you will regret it if it shows up with issues, and the manufacturer doesn't respond to your complaint.


1. Why is It Necessary to Preheat My Oven?

Answer: Whether it’s convection or traditional oven, it's a must to preheat the chamber before you place your foods into it. When the foods are exposed to a heated chamber, the heat evenly spreads all around the foods.

2. Why Does It Take a Comparatively Shorter Time to Bake in a Convection Oven?

Answer: These ovens include a fan that evenly circulates hot air all around the food. As each part of the food gets hot air evenly, the food is cooked within a short time.

3. Is It Any Different If I am Using My Convection Oven in A Higher Altitude?

Answer: As far as cooking from a high altitude is concerned, you are required to cook at a high temperature. You should increase the temperature by 25°F than the recommended recipe temperature. But, in a normal situation, you may have to reduce the heat by 25°F.

However, if you put the foods without preheating, the upper layer gets burnt due to more heat compared to the lower layer.

4. Why is My Oven Taking a Very Long Time to Heat?

Answer: When the door or other parts malfunction, you might need to wait more than usual to heat up the oven. Even having a tiny cavity can make the heat escape from the oven.

You must address the issue as soon as possible. As a temporary solution, you can go with another cooking preset that provides more heat to be able to make up for the heat that escapes.

5. Can I Use a Glass Bakeware in My Convection Oven?

Answer: Technically, using glass bakeware is fine in ovens. However, the temperature cannot be too high, which means you can only cook a limited number of recipes using glass bakeware.

6. Why is There Hot Air Coming Out of My Baking Oven?

Answer: When hot air comes out from the oven while it's running, don't panic; it's totally normal. Because, when the fan blows hot air, some excess heat escapes from the door in a smoky form.

So, when you try a complicated recipe that requires an extended period to cook, that's when hot air comes out of the oven.

7. Is Baking in Oven Healthy?

Answer: Baking your foods in the oven is a healthier option compared to frying the foods. When you fry foods, it contains lots of fat and carb that contribute to heart disease and weight gain.

8. Why is My Food Getting Burned?

Answer: Choosing the wrong cooking function, placing the rack closer to the thermal source, a malfunctioning internal fan can cause such an issue to occur. Make sure the fan is working correctly, choose the right preset, and place the rack in the middle. Hopefully, it will solve the issue.

9. Is It Okay to Place Pizza Stones Inside Baking Ovens?

Answer: You can use pizza stones in your baking oven. But, you have to preheat the stone first. Once the stone is hot, then you can place your pizza in an already heated oven. Pizza stones require more time than usual to heat. So, for best taste, you must heat them first.

10. Which Type of Oven Saves Money on Electricity Bills?

Which Type of Oven Saves Money on Electricity Bills

Answer: As far as saving money is concerned, convection ovens are the clear winner. Convection ovens take relatively low time to make food compared to traditional ones. Thus, it saves up to 30% of your electricity bills.

11. Why isn’t My Oven Heating?

Answer: It can happen for several reasons. In most cases, when the time is set incorrectly, it might shut off on its own without heating. And in that case, consider resetting the timer. Also, try resetting the clock if the timer doesn't fix the issue.

As far as malfunctioning is concerned, go through the instruction manual, you might get some troubleshooting steps to perform.

12. Why It's Recommended to Cook Fish And Meat in Convection Ovens?

Answer: As the moisture gets locked inside a convection oven, it keeps the dish succulent and moist for hours. So, even if you don't eat the food immediately, it ensures the food tastes as good as it was at the time when you took it out from the oven.

13. Can I Cook More Than One Rack/Tray At the Same Time?

Answer: If the oven you get comes with multiple tray or rack option, you can cook different types of foods at once while saving time and effort.

On traditional ovens, place foods at the upper rack if it requires more heat. And foods that require a bit slow cooking should be placed at a lower rack.

If it's a convection cooker, you can place foods wherever you want as it circulates air evenly all over the place.

14. What is Carry-on Cooking?

Answer: The term refers to the situation if the food is taken out of the oven's chamber, and the hot pan continues to provide heat for more or less 5 minutes, which can overcook and burn the food.

To prevent this issue from happening, take the food out of your oven 2 minutes before and cover the pan so that it can give finishing heat on its own.

15. What Kind of Baking Pans Should I Use in A Convection Oven?

Answer: There will be no issue if you use regular pans and trays on a convection one. However, using shallow pans and trays is preferable as air circulation is even better in shallow crockeries than deeper ones.

16. Why The Fan Still Runs Even When I Stopped Baking?

Answer: It happens when you cook for an extended period. The fan of your oven takes a while to properly cool down. And the oven will be in a running state as long as the oven temperature doesn’t come close to your room temperature. If you turn off the electricity supply, still it will work the same way.

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Always use oven gloves before you take out the tray from the oven so that you don’t burn your hands.